Putting It Together

Day 46 (411) – February 15, 2019

In Motion – Weekly Photo Challenge / Made by Humans – Cee’s Black & White / Black & White WeekendVariety – FOWC / Canal – RDP / Humble – WODC

I was hoping to be able to post the sculpture today.  It was just too unique and knowing it was a black & white day, those shots came in handy as well.  Talk about a conversation piece.  This is located in the waiting room of a garage I went to today.  The really interesting thing is that every piece used has come from a Honda vehicle.  All of the parts.  And as you look closer and see the specifics, i.e. headlights as the eyes, you can tell a lot of thought was put into this.  I was just fascinated by it.  For the weekly photo challenge (photo below) I happened to catch a favorite subject of mine.  I am not too happy with the results, this is the best one I got, so I will be spending the next week working on that motion technique.  Gives me something to focus on.  And don’t I need some focus!


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23 Replies to “Putting It Together”

      1. It never rattles me because

        1. I love trains.

        2. As a child I rode the Crescent to New Orleans to visit my grandparents and that’s such a happy memory and an, “I can’t believe God put me next to this track of all places!”

        3. It’s so loud in general and I’m not too far from a crossing so it forces people to stop talking to me for that moment in time.

        So I’m all mentally thinking (every time) “Thank you Jesus.”
        Because for some reason people talk to me entirely too much.

        Ha, I see what I did there with this entirely way too long comment about the trains….

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        1. Love it! 😛 I am a huge train fan (not the band although I do like a song or two 😬) I check on trains first when planning a trip. Always take it to Philly or NYC. And I see what you did and absolutely don’t mind at all!

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