Heart Of Gold

Day 45 (410) – February 14, 2019

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Happy Valentines Day.  I don’t think I have really bought in to this so called intimate, holiday dating back to when I last filled out those little paper “Be My Valentine” cards, stuffed them in their little envelopes, affixed the foil stamp to seal the deal, print the names in the To: and From: blanks, taped a carefully picked out candy heart on said envelope, and placed it in the decorated shoebox on my classmates desk.  Or something like that. The only thing I know is that the older I get the more expensive this damn so called “holiday” gets.  Especially with kids.  Not only do you have to help do their cards, resurrecting those haunted, I mean happy, memories from the past, but you are requested to help by providing some food item in leiu of chaperoning the class party, school dance, or movie date. And if that’s not enough, they really want to get their latest interest(s) a durable, cellophane wrapped heart shaped package of a variety of so called chocolates, to show how much more special they are over the other potential valentines. Or worse, they actually are smitten with someone who requires not just that box of crap/candy, but a plastic tube encased rose, along with a bear, stuffed in a T-shirt with “I like you Bear-y Much” written across the front. No wonder nearly every store you walk in to today has a display such as the one above, sparing the millions of relationships that would be on the cusp of disaster should he/she show up to their other half’s valentine expectations,  empty handed.  But I wouldn’t know anything about that.

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  1. Valentine’s Day is a holiday over there?
    Over here although shops sell the usual Valentine cards, flowers chocolates etc, it’s not a holiday.
    People here don’t wish each other a Happy Valentine Day. Then again, people here wouldn’t dream of wishing each other a Happy Day of the week either. That’s an American thing.
    The loving wishes and love tokens on Valentine’s Day are on a more personal level and are reserved for the one you love, or the one you really want to be closer to.

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      1. I’ve seen it referred to a holiday several times by American bloggers.
        We weren’t allowed to give the children sweets (candy) We had ‘healthy school status’ so couldn’t do it.

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  2. We did the cards for classes. However, while I saw some people making ridiculously over the top boxes for their kids, I stayed “old school” and they used paint, stickers, and construction paper. And tape lol. But this crazy cellophane wrapped insanely expensive crap is just that.

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  3. *insert clapping hands here* oh yes. Personally, I refuse to celebrate it with anything other than a “happy valentine’s day dear” I swear the whole thing was dreamed up by Cadbury and Hallmark! 😉 ewwwewww, don’t even remind me of those traumatic, er ah I mean, tragic, oops, I mean fun filled childhood valentine days…… *phew, I need a drink* 😉

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