Misty Mountain Hop


Day 44 (409) – February 13, 2019

Cabin Fever – Weekly Word Prompt / Measure Time – Weekly Quote Inspired / Tribute – FOWC / Innovate – RDP / Puffy – WODC

Started this morning thinking that I might end up having another day with cabin fever.  School started with a 2 hour delay, and given the fact that freezing rain was still falling at bedtime, and that I was awakened by heavy winds this morning, I questioned whether the roads would be free of ice after two additional hours.  They were and my temporary isolation was complete.  Thank goodness to because I am not sure I would be innovative enough to do another depth of field study with white puffy snow covered trees.  Now then I didn’t totally give up on the snow covered tree part, I kept that in as tribute to the past storm.  Have you ever seen something that you just know would be an amazing photo, but no matter how hard you try a photo just cannot do it justice.  This was one of those photos.  I do really like how it came out, but the majesty is kind of lost.  All along the ride home, I was confronted with a landscape of the typical mountain views, but this time with a flair.  The top third had a pretty white coat, while the second third it really lightened up until it faded away at the bottom.  It really summarized my drive home.  When I left work, there was barely any trace of a snow fall, but as I started the climb home, the grasses slowly covered until the time I got home where the landscape was completely covered in a blanket of snow.  It really was a pretty cool comparison.  I just wish you could have seen it in person.  It was so much more breathtaking.

Another view

Look What I Found

A Guilt Complex

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  1. Very similar to here when we have snow. The snow melts in the valley where two of my girls live, but driving back up the hillside the green gradually fades into white, until I am home and greeted by a blanket of snow. Fortunately, none right now and we are expecting a mild weekend.


  2. Your memory is the best camera and sometimes you just have to stop trying to get the shot to share with others and acknowledge that this is meant for you to enjoy and sit back and take it all in.

    Then you write about it so others feel like they saw it 😉

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Oh, I know. I recently drove by a small forest of light snow dusted trees, but only on one side. No place to pull over, too much traffic to just stop, could not get a picture that even came close to capturing it. But still, the best pictures are memories and I was thrilled that I got to see it. Your photo is great, but I bet your memory of the sight is even better, so glad you got to see it. 😉

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