Freeze Frame


Day 41 (Day 406) – February 10, 2019

Frozen – Sunday Stills / Red – One Word Sunday / Pique – FOWC / Sage – RDP / Blood – WODC / Weekend Reflections

I actually don’t know what it would be called, but I am going to start with a non-sequitur. Would that make it a pre-sequitur? Anyway, does anyone else “hear” the person you are reading, be it on their post, through a message, etc., like right now, as you read this, do you “hear” what I sound like? Of course, you would have to have heard me in order to “hear” me, but have you assigned or created a voice for me.  Especially if you have been following for awhile.  It actually is pretty funny, for those I have been following for awhile, who engage me in conversations, I think I have.  At least when I read you, I hear different sounds and I think they are based on where you are from and from the stories you have shared.  And if there is a photo, your voice definitely is influenced by that.  So how crazy would it be to hear the others voices?  Especially after a few exchanges.  I wonder if it would really mess with your mind.  I guess it would be the same if you read a book which was made into a movie.  I know that if I listen to an audiobook, and then see the movie, it takes a little bit to not hear the audiobook reader.   What is even more interesting is how I have been disappointed here and there. So I am curious, but then perhaps not, as to how the voices would fit the writers. Yes, that what has been weighing on my mind as of late.  🥴 Now that I have piqued your interest, I have to admit that I staged today’s photo.  I know that if I waited just a little, the snow/ ice will be falling here and I would have natures response to the challenge.  But I wanted to think outside the box. And I knew if I got the right subject, I would find something red inside, even blood red. The sage, however, must be found within the ingredients of the foods, so I imagine that is safe.  Now you see why I led off with the non-sequitur. 😛 At least you didn’t have to listen to me read that. I wouldn’t have wanted to disappoint you!

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  1. I alway create voices for the characters in books and other writing. It makes sense that when a character is well created in the writing, that you kink it with a voice – it’s all part of the character. You mentioned films, and I rarely enjoy a film of a book I enjoyed – the actors really look or sound like the one in my head.

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  2. I often imagine how someone would sound. Some two years ago when I first heard GC’s voice he was nothing like I expected. As for looks, I didn’t know what to expect there either, I wasn’t disappointed with either.

    I would love to hear the voices of others.

    My own voice has been on my site a few times. The last occasion was during the summer after visiting the Beatrix Potter Museum and the cottage where she lived. I created a talking book of Peter Rabbit. One reader suggested I turned the pages too quickly for children, so I created another with slower turning pages. I enjoyed the project so maybe it’s time to do another.
    Here is my talking Book.
    [video src="" /]

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  3. I am nearly always disappointed to hear a character on screen, especially when I have read the book and I know what they sound like, talk in a voice that is not the voice the character has – according to me. I have enough voices in my head without having to try and include yours lol

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          1. I moved them. I still have them! There were things that I looked back and felt I really didn’t want to completely share with the entire community 😳 I hope that’s ok and you understand. (It’s that introvert thing 😕.) Honestly though if it upsets you or leaves a bad taste I would, if you’d like me to put the thread back up, I will! (or just share with you!)


          2. Oh no. It was just met paranoid self. I kept it though because I enjoyed that convo and it will help me remember what I may have told you, so I don’t repeat anything 🥺


          3. Easy for me to say but expectations that we perceive are most likely rooted in our own fears. No need to put additional pressure, let the process run its course. It took this long to write it, it can take longer until you feel comfortable and are ready. I so know that feeling! And I am sure you heard all that before, but I’d feel like just another voice if I didn’t share. 😬


          4. Serious. That is awesome. Dubai? You mean I can say I know someone in Dubai. That is awesome. Is that where you are from originally? That is amazing. Do you have a copy of what you drew or I guess you will when that book is published!


          5. I found them all in my comments in my site page. They just aren’t going on that post. If you look at the number of comments though, you could see they are still being counted. I wonder if it is because I removed the first in the thread?


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