(It’s Just) Me And My Shadow


Day 40 (405) – February 9, 2019

Shadows – Lens-Artists / Horns – Cee’s B&W /Weekend in Black & White  / Six Word Saturday / Junk – Weekly Prompt Photo / Garage – FOWC / Sanctuary – RDP / Taxi – WODC

This was one of those days where I just couldn’t decide what photo to incorporate so I am posting a few.  I knew whenI saw Cee’s challenge which horns I was going to get.  I am so lucky that I managed to catch them feeding in what must be their dining sanctuary.  I was focusing on the one on the left when I saw a puff of dust and a couple of longhorns grow from the hay.  He was scratching his face on the hay and did it for at least a minute or two.  It was almost like he was trying to steal the attention.  I added another in color because they were so great looking with the sinking sun behind them. I know I just posted Anastasia yesterday but the Lens-Artists shadow prompt had me looking for unique shadows.  Now this may not seem like much to you, but while it is obvious what the shadow is, the shape is not the same.  I do get that it is, but this is what is spooky.  The shadow is the perfect shape of Gracie’s, our golden who passed 3 weeks ago. You can see her here (compare with ones at the bottom.) It makes it look like she is still with her sister.  I was hoping the camera would catch it the way I saw it and it did.  The last photo is a garage, from the 60’s, in the city, which use to also be a taxi depot.  More recently, it has been converted into a junk shop, I mean an antique store.  So it was a pretty fun day, even though we are now back into the upper 20’s with snow and ice predicted starting Sunday night.  Glad I got out while I still could.

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    1. I don’t think so. I still see her where she normally sat. It would be our if the corner of my eye and is have to do a double take but yeah they don’t. And I know she hasn’t left her sister who still goes out to look for her.

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