Blinded By The Light


Day 37 (402) – February 6, 2019

Flu Shot – Weekly Word Prompt / Loveliness Arises – Weekly Quote / Whitewash – FOWC / Mettlesome – RDP / Toxic – WODC

This is one of the most challenging challenge/prompt days I have ever had.  Just look at that list. If I don’t try really hard I am certain to be whitewashed. I am almost certain my photo will have nothing to do with any of the prompts, but I am certainly going to give it a shot, with at least one. I am sorry Sue, I totally mean to be mettlesome so, flu shot?  A- That is not a word. It is two words.  B- Short of taking pictures of toxic egg embryos or jabbing a needle in my arm, I am going to have to keep it as a word prompt (which I appeared to have done 😛) This morning I drove past a snow plow (this after the 70 degree day yesterday) that was carrying a load of road salt.  I thought wtf, did I miss something? In a sheer panic, as soon as I got to work, I jumped on the computer and scoured for weather information.  The only threat of winter weather mentioned was not until next week.  In fact, after a day of 40 degree temps, the forecast calls for it to be back in the 60’s with a couple of days of rain. I have absolutely no clue what the driver was thinking.  Perhaps he got the weeks mixed up?  It wasn’t much longer until the sun rose on another potential lovely day. And as I started the day I kept wondering if I missed my calling as a weatherman.

Look What I Found

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10 Replies to “Blinded By The Light”

  1. I love the way you try to fit in all the prompts in one go. I agree with you Flu Shot is two words, maybe you should write two posts! Let’s blame GC (he wrote it). 😀

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      1. I read the notifications while I was parked.

        I’m trying to work up the courage to visit a dying friend.

        I left work about 5:15. He lives about 30 miles from my work, 40 minute drive.

        It’s about 7:12 and I’m still not there because I keep finding excuses to stop.

        I’m parked now at the Walgreens about 2 blocks from his home.

        Guess I better shut the app and go do this.

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