Fish Out Of Water


Day 36 (401) – February 5, 2019

Growth – Tuesday Photo / Orange & Pink – Cee’s Fun Foto / Megaphone – FOWC / Hum – RDP / Possibilities – WODC

When you have had one of those days, and it’s 70 degrees outside, and you’re too tired to enjoy it, the house is a mess, unfinished projects are still needing attention, dishes piling up in the sink, and not enough time to tend to any of the tasks, nothing makes everything better than sushi and angel food cake. For me anyways.  Just think of all the possibilities. You don’t need to get on a megaphone and tell me, I know when it is in the house (probably because I am the one picking it up). No matter what kind of mood you are in, food (especially sushi) can turn it around and change that sigh to a happy hum. I am sure each of you have your goto vices, more power to you.  Yet, there are some set-backs, especially in my case.  Too many bad days, accompanied by that comforting encouragement, can result in some unexpected growth in places not so easy to hide. There isn’t a sushi place within 30 minutes, so it’s better to plan when you are going to have a day. And, Sushi can get expensive. It’s the price I pay for such a distinguished palette 😛.

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17 Replies to “Fish Out Of Water”

    1. We were and will be again next week. I mean it dropped down to 40’s today. Only a 30 degree difference. But it is suppose to be warm the next 2 days. before dropping back down with snow. 🥴


          1. It has been snowing since yesterday. They said we were suppose to have a break between 10 and 4 but it has been non-stop. It’s a wet snow so the totals are down but they are much higher than they were calling for.

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          2. Oh wow – would actually love a little
            Snow today – but I guess light rain on and off is what Mother Nature gave us ❄️❄️❄️❄️🌧🌧🌧🌧


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