Wash Me Clean


Day 35 (400) – February 4, 2019

Reach – VJ’s Weekly Challenge / Anchored – Manic Monday 3-Way / Eclectic – FOWC / Skedaddle – RDP / Admire – WODC

After 2 weeks of rain, ice, cold, and snow, temperatures were in the lower 60’s.  And after said 2 weeks, the amount of salt layered on the car changed the color from crystal blue to dirty gray.  As I drove home tonight, I caught myself admiring the shine of freshly washed cars.  The decision was made to head to the local car wash with an eclectic selection of options.  As this was the cars first ever wash, I wanted to make sure the options I chose were ones that would highlight the car the best.  As I drove to the wash a line of vehicles and their drivers, obviously had the same idea as I.  Not willing to wait in a line that was at least 8 cars deep, I turned around and skedaddled on out of there.  I decided to head home and try washing it myself.  My biggest concern was whether the hose was froze shut preventing the rinse process of the wash.  After turning the water back on (it is shut off during the winter months to prevent the pipes from freezing, which, unfortunately, has happened in the very recent past), I connected the hose to the spigot, turned it on, and was greeted by a little trickle.  An obvious sign that whatever water was left in the hose, had froze and with temps just today climbing up, not enough time had been given for proper thawing.  But then I remembered that I had connected two hoses together in order to reach the far regions of the yard, and wondered what the possibility of it being frozen only in the one and not the other.  It was worth the shot.  And I am glad I took it because after disconnecting the two and twisting the sprayer on the end, I turned the handle and, you guessed it, old faithful erupted from its frozen abyss. With a bucket of hot suds, I went to work.  When I stepped in the snow pile behind me, I thought it would be fun to do a shot of the process with a mound of snow in the frame, just in case anyone would think I took this in the fall.  After soaping it up and rinsing it free of all the road salt, the car’s original shine returned to its glory. Which just so happened to match the color of my hands after being sprayed by the frigid well water produced from the hose.  At least I got them warmed up and functioning in time to finish the post! Lucky me. 🥶🥴

This is my response to the Manic Monday 3-way prompt “anchored”.  I haven’t shared a musical theatre song in awhile, and this song happened to be one of the first to come to mind as an allegory when I thought about the word.  The song is from the musical “Finding Neverland” adapted from the Johnny Depp movie of the same name.  Enjoy.

Look What I Found

Vicarious Living

33 Replies to “Wash Me Clean”

    1. The salt really messes with the paint if not removed after awhile. And we have at least 4 days of mild weather and since it’s warm enough out to do it, I went for it! 😬


    1. It’s a little mellow but since I’ve seen the show a couple times , I can see it and that’s where the magic really is 😊it’s still a good song without the visuals 💕


      1. We’re neighbors! We’re neighbors! Maybe we’ve zoomed by each other on PA highways. 🙂

        I was not familiar with the song as I’ve not seen that particular show, but I was stunned by the PA license plate so that explains my non-comment a bit, too. Also! Your title instantly put the k.d. lang song of the same name — Wash Me Clean — in my head. One of my favorites. Do you know it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X4UgzmeW40

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