Where The Streets Have No Name


Day 33 (398) – February 2, 2019

Landscape – Lens-Artists / Six Word Saturday / Red – Weekly Prompts Photo / Anything – FOWC / Effort – RDP / Integral – WODC / ’19-Week 5 – Pull Up a Seat

The first thought I had when I saw this building was Christmas village. That display which is a collection of ceramic houses, shops, etc., that many go to great efforts to set up, as an integral holiday tradition.  I don’t know if it is the dab of snow in the crevice of the roof, or that flash of red that pops against the earth tones.  Perhaps it is that garden landscape with the pine trees that look like those styrofoam greens that often accompanies a set, or that you can get separately as an accessory.  And then the more I looked at it a Hofbrauhaus came to mind.  There is something, if anything, very Bavarian about it. And then I thought just settle with a Bavarian Hofbrauhaus set in a holiday village display. So after wasting about ten minutes, contemplating,  I took the photo and drove away.

Look What I Found

Oh Hell Yah!

19 Replies to “Where The Streets Have No Name”

  1. Made me think of home too, but I’m definitely not homesick at moment as my country is in serious meltdown. If only life was like this picture – lovely, quiet and full of sensible contemplation.

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  2. Is it kismet that #80ssongsanything is trending on Twitter?

    Or am I so old that it was released in the 90’s and I just don’t remember.

    Probably so.

    One of my favorite memories is driving 100 miles an hour down I-10 in a Volkswagen GTI with the sunroof open and Sunday, Bloody Sunday blaring.

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