Cosmic Ray


Day 31 (396) – January 31, 2019

Unexpected Windows – A Photo a Week / Which Way Photo /  Kammie’s Oddball / Heretic – FOWC /  Camouflage – RDP / Zenith – WODC

Only a two-hour delay today and the temperature managed climb to 4 degrees before I left home (-6 wind chill). I just could not imagine those little elementary school kids walking to school in this.  My ears were just about numb as I made the trek from the front door to car door, I really hope there isn’t any exposed skin for the air to contact.  I do not know what made me take this photo this morning.  Maybe I was wondering how the road was still wet in this cold.  And then I saw the truck that was laying chemicals down and made sense.  When I reviewed it later, I kept this one because it really looked like the car ahead of me was, sorry if you consider it heretic, driving into “the light”.  It really appears that the car ahead is isolated in its own beam of light, or perhaps it has only just reached its zenith.  But figuring out what it really was, is really anti-climactic.

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    1. I felt it was most definitely an oddball photo! 😬 I am super happy you liked it! Pretty sure everything is safe from the cold, but there’s another potential for frozen things tonight! 🥶

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    1. I have to use my converter every time I see Celsius. The math is much too difficult. And at that temp, which is what I was at (and am back at now), I was complaining, so I wouldn’t blame them! 😬🥶


  1. First of all – the photo is fantastic (was going to say cool but didn’t fit – ha)
    I did notice the beam on the car after you pointed it out and it adds to the mystique feel with the light – sky — roads and mood.
    I also like the whole feel to the items and space in photo – like the four cars in front of you are lined up in sync and there is all that space in front of you
    Then the road left comes at an angle that works with the angle right of the clouds in the sky –
    The two signs add more balance (and love the pics for which way challenge)
    It is a super (not going to say cool) nice dash cam capture!

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    1. Thanks so much for that tepid (not sure if that fits, either) comment. I often set up my Go Pro and use time lapse set at 10 – 30 second intervals. Sometimes I get a good one, when I feel like going through them all! I do really appreciate the feedback!

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          1. i heard that – and it is crazy…
            and I have a picture to show you. I just looked at some to make a January seasons post and I have my own version of a cosmic ray one – I will be back later to share –

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