Warm Love In A Cold World

Day 30 (395) – January 30, 2019

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It is just downright cold outside and in. You know it is scary cold when there is snow just sitting on top of a large mound of road salt. Taunting, daring it to melt them. With an “inclement weather” day off, all I have done has been to watch the thermometer start this morning at 27 degrees (all temps in Farenheit). Even though the sun was out and shining bright, the landscape was cold, colorless, raw and cold. Around 11 am we had a snow squall come through. A squall is an intense barrage of snow, wind, and blizzard conditions.  Only it doesn’t last long at all.  Even though it was brief, it still managed to produce about an inch of snow. Not really measurable, thanks to the wind, so I had to go by what the news and weather people say. Once the squall came through, the temperature has done nothing but continuously drop.  As of this writing, my personal weather station reports 5 degrees with a wind chill of -9.  And it is suppose to keep dropping.  I have no idea how those of you who live up north, manage. I just can’t imagine any desire to want to wanderlust.  I just cannot fathom -20 temps with a -40 wind chill.  Please stay warm. I did get out to get to the store and took some shots which at least got me somewhat active.  It is nice to have the 4 wheel drive help carve the way through the roads that have been recovered by some wild snow drifts.  I guess it is the snow really just rubbing it in with a “go ahead just try and keep me off this road”. Yes, Goa ahead and judge me, my snow does speak.

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10 Replies to “Warm Love In A Cold World”

  1. I love winter photographs, so pretty.
    Yesterday we were -5°C which I believe is about 23°F. I stayed home and lit the log burner, but took plenty of photographs of the beautiful hard frost that stayed with us for the day and covered the trees. This morning we awoke to a snowfall, quite pretty but not quite as stunning as yesterday.🙂

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    1. We weren’t suppose to get much, but it hasn’t stopped snowing since this morning. My school system thought it would be a good idea to stay the entire day because the forecast was calling for it to be better. Yet outside the roads were slush, the sidewalks covered. It’s kind of like, that may be the forecast, but have you looked outside?

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  2. I love snow pics.

    The snow squall was something to see here! The sky got dark, then the wind started swirling. The snow…. then you couldn’t see in front of your face… then it was gone! And left behind super cold temps! Brrrrr. I’m OK with it, though — only 4 with subzero wind chills early this a.m. — nothing like what the Dakotas, etc., experience.

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    1. Thanks. Woke up to 1 degree with a -18 wind chill and still have to go teach. Feel for all those kids walking. My ears were done from the walk to my car from the front door. 🥶


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