Kiss From A Rose


Day 29 (394) – January 29, 2019

Rose – Tuesday Photo / Rainbow (4 Colors) – Cee’s Fun Foto / Tree – FOWC / Balance – RDP / Create – WODC

I have to say, I think I did the challenges justice today.  All except for the Fun Foto, but I threw in something for that below (in case not enough pastels are seen).  I also threw another one, just for balance, for Tuesday’s photo.  Seriously?  A rose? Rainbow colors?  Dead of winter, 3 inches of fresh new powder and I, in a stifled moment of creativity, can only think about the flower and a butterfly garden, in bloom.  That was until the sky cleared a little for just a few minutes turning the sky a beautiful shade of ROSE!  I am pretty sure it’s a rose color too.  I compared it to some paint chips and they compared to baby pink’s. And if, per chance, that does not pass muster, well I present to you a shot of where my rose bush once stood, before pruning, and a symbolic gesture that I hand made! The Fun Foto below, is actually a mistake I made, that I think works great for this.  I had actually plugged in some Christmas lights to get those colors, and I guess on this one I was moving and well look.  Makes me look like I know what I am doing (I really don’t).  And yes, it is another sky picture, through branches, but I think the snow cover laying on top them provide such a delicate feel. I must go and seek, find and fix any and all potential draft openings, for the -20 temperatures are bearing down!  Let’s just hope tomorrow’s challenges include sand, ocean and fishing.

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  1. ArtisanX, what aerendipitous capture indeed. I am struggling with this week’s challenge from my view in New Jersey. No snow on the ground — it all melted with this morning’s sun; it’s all clear skies, sunny, and -6ºC. Brrr.

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