Light Travels


Day 25 (390) – January 25, 2019

Interesting Light – Weekly Photo / In the Distance – Cee’s B&W / Weekend B & W / Determined – FOWC / Forecast – RDP / Combine – WODC

Have to keep this short today.  I didn’t think I would have any time to slip this in, but I was determined to put this together before I drive back.  Took a quick trip to Philly to help the boy out. I had already set up the post and I knew I wanted to take a couple of quick pics from Reading terminal because I knew I could combine a couple of challenges.  So I ran in, not realizing that the forecast called for temps to drop pretty low tonight, and ran right back out as I did not wear a coat.  I got my pics, which I am happy with, and as I sit here at a rest stop finishing the post, I am only an hour from home.  Happy Trails!

Look What I Found

Short Circuit

10 Replies to “Light Travels”

    1. Thanks! I actually really like this one. I am really happy with the contrasts I was able to pull. So thank you and all the others who submit who inspire me to improve!


      1. In some ways WordPress became my social media because I am far more comfortable talking to people I don’t know! My Facebook is a barren land.

        People send me a friend request and I accept always if I know them, but I feel sorry for them and I think, “You are going to be so bored with my Facebook and I’m never going to put a like on what you post.”

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        1. I deactivated my FB account and all other SM back in May and have come to many realizations. The amount of time I wasted scrolling, liking commenting on things I felt obligated to do, are gone and will never be returned. After I had been off for a couple of days I found out who my true friends were, which is a sad realization. The amount of time spent worrying what others would think surpassed the amount of time active on those platforms.

          I know I’ve said it but I absolutely love the no pressure, no risk, all reward time spent here. I don’t feel obligated to get on and “check”, I spend as little time or as much time as I need on a post. I comment when I want and never feel pressure to have to for fear of having someone think somethings wrong or that I am mad at them. I have more time for me. To go out and take photos and not worry if person A had a baby, or decided they have had enough, or if someone’s life matters more than someone else’s. Here I am who I am. I don’t like politics, I don’t have an opinion that one would consider controversial, I do enjoy pointing out the obvious (humorously,not spiteful), I do not feel that I need to be guarded on what I say, I can be honest, and I don’t have to worry about people liking what I say or not (they just won’t read it and vice versa). I do encourage people to really give it a shot for a week or so, see how much their time frees up and less stress they become, and see how addicted they are to it. Teaching high schoolers all these years has really made me worry about the future gens. I can’t really do anything about it, but then again I really don’t want to waste my time trying 😬. Not that anyone would listen anyway. 🥺
          So sorry to write that much. Guess I needed to vent a little. But I am somewhat passionate about it and think it’s just an eye opening realization.

          Ps I do have an Instagram that I started to use to add extra pics on to, but as you could probably tell on the site, I barely use it, and I did not close my Pinterest account as I never use it as a SM platform but it is a great resource for me especially for recipes! 😉 oh and I have way to many pins. But probably because all I have to do is hit that P button on a article and never have to open the site up! Lol.

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