Walk On The Wild Side

Day 23 (388) – January 23, 2019

On the Lake – Midweek Monochrome / Compromise – Weekly Word Prompt / Copious – FOWC / Immerse – RDP / Instigate – WODC

Thank you so much for the midweek monochrome prompt.  I was just plain out of ideas and didn’t have much creative energy flowing today.  Probably all iced up.  After 3 days of super cold temps, I had to check and see if our little lake had a solid ice base.  And at first glance it did.  Today, however, the temps were up in the 40’s so I hesitated to take a walk on the ice for fear that I will find myself immersed in a unfathomable amount of freezing water.  And then I heard that little devil on my shoulder instigating the little angel, daring it to take a walk on the slippery side. After tossing a good sized stone onto the surface, only to see it slide away safely, I took a step or two onto the slick surface, knowing that if it didn’t support my weight, it would just be my ankles that would suffer. Looking at the photo on the right, you would think that I was out of my mind, but my boot prints prove that I actually was.  My only real fear was that the stone I tossed for the initial check, compromised the integrity of the foundation.  Much to my relief, I did not hear that “oh shit” crackling of ice sound that would precede an unwelcome polar bear plunge. I never said I possessed a copious amount of common sense.

Look What I Found

At Least I am Not Doing It on Purpose

Better Than Before

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  1. Gosh, that sounds delightful. I’m currently sweltering in close to 40C degrees, tomorrow’s expected to be 43C degrees (sorry, I don’t know what that is in F). A plunge in ice-cold water sounds fun. On an intellectual, serious level, I know that it’s dangerous, life-threatening, but I’m soooooooo hot I just wanna imagine being freezing!

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    1. Pretty much just like our past summer! Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. 😬 We did get to 60 (16cel). Nowhere near your 105 (in Fahrenheit)but warm for winter here. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a message! Feel free to drop a line anytime! Love hearing from bloggers down under. 😬

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