Better With You There

Day 18 (383) – January 18, 2019


It is going to be a short post tonight.  We lost her.  She fought the good fight, but there wasn’t anymore they could do and we just couldn’t let her suffer anymore.  Only regret is not being able to be there with her, but they were losing her and we just had to put our wants after her needs. I hesitated to post anything, but so many of you have asked so I felt you really should know. Thank you, all, for your compassion, kind words, support and understanding.  Gracie – 2013-19 Happy Tails!


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    1. No apologies necessary. I’ve kind of put WP in the background right now. So I haven’t gotten to reading a lot of posts. I always look forward to hearing from you, no matter when you comment 😊

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    1. If I lost my other girl I really just couldn’t imagine. I am also like on her like a hawk. Anytime I see something that she does that Gracie was doing the last week that worry rushes in. I hope I’m just being a little overprotective and precautious. She’s only 3 so probably. Thank you. 💕

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      1. That’s how I was after the first fur baby died. He was around 14 and passed away in my arms 2 days after Christmas 2017. Fur baby #2 had just turned 9 or 10 the previous month, so I know what you mean about watching for them doing the same thing. She passed unexpectedly at the beginning of June last year. My last fur baby just turned 8 this past November, I see signs of him slowing down, but thankfully he seems to be pretty healthy.

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        1. It’s crazy. I felt so much relief yesterday when she was eating and drinking as usual. But I really think she is depressed. I mean I could just be projecting, but she does things where I really think she goes to check if her sister is here, or on her way back. She also has been laying where her sister always napped. And last we’ve had snow that hasn’t gone away. So the places where her sister had gone, before she left, that are frozen and stasia is always sniffing and then lying near them (not on them). It’s just so weird. I will be curious to see if she still does that when it all melts. Regardless, it hits you, projecting or not. I think all of the dogs in the past, always had a brother or sister. So this is the first time any one has been alone. It’s also weird from me. It’s almost like I am really unbalanced. Kind of like missing a limb. It’s weird. (Sorry for the word vomit 😳)

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          1. Totally understand, sometimes I think the last fur baby is glad to be an only child, but other days he seems sad/depressed there’s not another brother or sister around. When we first brought him home at 4 months old, he had 2 Chihuahua brothers. Then a year plus later we got a female Chihuahua who thought she was THE alpha dog over Chuy (our current fur baby). So he was used to 3 other dogs in the house, even if they didn’t play with him…he’s much bigger than they were. At least there was a 2-3 year gap between the oldest Chihuahua passing and the second one passing. The dynamics changed. Now the middle Chihuahua felt he had to protect his “sister” from Chuy, even though she continued to try being the Alpha. When he passed, she seemed happy…at least on the first day. The next day she got to see she couldn’t control Chuy and for the next 6 months she kept trying. We haven’t had only 1 dog in this house since 1991!

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          2. It simply is fascinating to see those dynamics come in to play. The way they interact and then in some ways adapt is remarkable. Like you, I got my first dog (owned and cared for by me, I grew up with dogs and don’t remember a time where there wasn’t one in my life) in 1992 and then always had one. I haven’t had just one since 99 so it’s really strange. I just know how much my Husky looked after her older sister, especially has her eyesight diminished.

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  1. So sorry for your loss, all I can recommend is to cry quite a lot, that’s what I usually do. Our old fellow is getting on for twelve now and you can see him slowly getting older. People who aren’t into pets think we’re barmy being so sentimental about an animal but we know better for they spent their entire life loving us and asked so little in return.

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    1. It would have helped so much if I could have. It has been therapeutic going through all the photos I took, and I am just really thankful I took them. Didn’t have the technology back with my previous guys, which could be why this is a little harder?

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  2. Oh friend! I’m so sorry. I don’t know the words to say to ease this ache because I’ve known it all too well and will again. I’m not even sure there should be. These are our very best friends. They’re better at being human than we are, loving unconditionally, whole heartedly and loyaly in every moment. Our grief honors the greatest of love and friendship. I can give you this…..I’m so grateful you have known such love and friendship, so sorry for how cold the world feels in the absence of all warmth your friend provided….hugs & 💖’s, hugs & 💖’s, hugs & 💖’s

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    1. You are such a blessing. Thank you. She isn’t the first I have lost, but she is by far the youngest. And I think the fact that so much time and energy was out in to her health and quality of life, she deserved so much better. She is just too young. But I am so thankful for the time given with her. There is something about them that makes us pick them out, and I do believe they are here for a reason. You just feel like you failed them. Especially at 5. It also makes me so much more fiercely protective of Anastasia. 💔❤️


  3. Mixed emotions of relief caused by release of pain for Gracie, mixed with sadness of what is gone, mixed with emotions of loneliness.

    Time passes, happiness for what you had, heart smiles of the secrets you shared, and warmth knowing someone is watching over you.

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    1. It is so not easy. She’s not the first, in fact, my first Golden lived 14 years and practically raised the 3 kids. That one hurt a lot, but this one is so much more painful, and I don’t get it

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        1. It sure did. And its had a pretty family bonding effect as the kids have been sharing stories. I guess you just don’t realize the impact of a pet. I mean you don’t expect the memories and stories about them like you do when a relative passes.

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