Over The Hills And Far Away


Day 17 – (382) – January 17, 2019

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The view is no longer like this.  As soon as I dropped the shutter the clouds gathered and the snow fell, as another inch or so has fallen so far.  I need to try and explain the photo and put it in perspective. This was shot from a hill climbing up to my house.  The house is across the road and a pond and sits perched on the side of the mountain across from where I am.  The house below is 2 s-curved roads below. The photo really tricks you into thinking they are literally on top of each other.  In fact, I was really surprised at how well the photo turned out.  The distance, along with the lighting , did not set up for ideal conditions, but I guess that is one of the beauty’s of photography.

I feel a need to clear something up. Yesterday I wrote about Gracie, my Golden, and her declining health.  I just want to make sure that you all know that I am in no way soliciting for sympathy or soliciting compassion for the shards of my heart that lay on the veterinarian’s floor.  I wrote it because I needed to.  I was hit with an uppercut, and I tend to find ways to hide the bruises.  I have found a kind of peace and safe place in WP, my blog, and you all.  I have written about this before, but it’s important to me that readers and my dear WP friends know, that I would never use a personal event, or problem, as a catalyst for histrionics or seeking attention. That is not who I am nor is it how I wish to be known.  I would never want my blog to be so onerous that readers prefer to avoid it. Please accept my apologies should you have interpreted it as such.  And never feel hesitate to call me out should you feel that it is how you “hear it” (the post/tone) being said.

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  1. If I can be frank, you don’t have anything to apologize for. Let’s are part of the family, and watching them suffer and decline is torture. I don’t think writing about it here sounded histrionic, I’d say it sounded relatable. Most of us have felt the same way. Oh, and thanks for joining in this week. 😊

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    1. I always want to join yours. It really helps narrow the focus… and thanks. I just am being overly cautious/sensitive. I think it comes from having taught high school theatre for so many years. 😬😳

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    1. You make my heart smile… From you that is totally ok. I went to see her today, and while I saw her walk into the room, Doc is very guarded and is really hoping that by Saturday there is some change. It is so difficult, you know? I just wish she were here so I could take care of her.

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