The Age Of Worry


Day 16 (381) – January 16, 2019

Vast Reservoir of Nature – Weekly Quotation / Horoscopes – Weekly Prompts Word Prompt / Umbrage – FOWC / Quest – RDP / Intricate – WODC

One of those scenes from a Norman Rockwell collection, right?  I mean, the photo isn’t up there but the scene. The house, the creek, the umbrage of the snow covered trees.  As you can see the snow hasn’t really melted away much.  That’s because we have yet to raise above the freezing mark.  I have wanted to catch this house, which is on the opposite side of the road out of my neighborhood, but either I drive right by and forget or the scene isn’t intricate enough. As I had yet to have shot anything today, I was out on a quest to find a photo for the day. And as luck, or perhaps as my horoscope would have suggested, I was able to catch this on my way home.  But that’s when I was faced with a bit of hard reality.  Gracie, my 5 year old Golden, who I have featured a couple of times recently, who also lost her sight a few months ago, was really not herself. She normally is first at the door, wagging the tail with a present (a dog toy) to offer you (but will not relinquish). She wasn’t there which made me wonder where she might be.  I called her, but no response.  I found her upstairs on the bedroom floor lethargic and not really responding well.  I loaded her up and headed to the vet.  I will cut to the chase and just say she was diagnosed with kidney failure and is currently being treated aggressively, with intricate meds and procedures, in hopes that she will recover and come back home.  It really is crazy how much a pet is just like your child.  Seeing her lying on the table, knowing the discomfort she was going through, but could not express, breaks your heart.  This life has not been kind to her, and she has done nothing to deserve it.  Everything is being done to provide the care and there has never been a second thought as to the cost (thank you pet insurance). And given the choice to go all in on something that may not work, well there was no choice.  The only thing I asked was that if they felt she would suffer more by trying to fix her, with a greater possibility of it not working, well then I would need to know.  So she is currently in the clinic and while my heart breaks knowing she has no clue where she is or what is happening and that my legs are not there for her to lay on tonight. But in a couple of days I know she will be home, back with a present in her mouth at the ready to greet anyone who comes in through the door.

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    1. Uhm I’m sorry. I didn’t get back. I was too blown away and emotional from her post. I don’t think I can describe or put my thoughts at all into words without sounding like some babbling idiot. I knew you were special all along. I just had one of those feelings! 💕

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