Break On Through


Day 14 (379) – January 14, 2019

Destination – VJ’s Weekly / Imperfection – Manic Monday 3-Way / Blanket – Pic and a Word / Rebuke – FOWC / Vital – RDP / Imagine – WODC

Did I mentioned it snowed yesterday?  I didn’t think so. 😛 It snowed yesterday.  A lot! Well not a lot where I live, in the mountains, next to a ski resort, that normally gets and needs lots of snow. No, I only got about 2 – 3 inches (twss).  But to the south, specifically in the county I teach and then through DC and around, they were blanketed with 8 – 13 inches.  Enough, in fact, to close schools and give me an extended weekend! Which was a very nice surprise. I just wish I used my time a little more wisely, but alas, it was not meant to be.  Out on a couple of excursions, I saw this scene so I pulled over and got a couple of shots.  The landscape is blanketed in snow. I love the break in the clouds.  It was kind of like the skies were saying, “hey look, here is some sun!” And then “not so fast human”.  It was pretty darn cold all day yesterday, but enough to get the melting started, but with tonights temps dropping low, I am sure I will be greeted tomorrow morning by icy roads, so I am pretty sure it will be vital for the crews to get that salt down. This is a practice I totally rebuke.  Any chance for a possible delay start is always highly valued, so throwing salt down thwarts those chances.  It is not difficult to imagine getting a couple of extra hours of sleep, in fact its what I got this morning! I hear there is a chance for another storm Thursday night through Saturday.  So who knows another long weekend may be in then works!

Talk about being snowed in!

Look What I Found

Weight For It

I forgot to add this originally:

This is my response for Manic Mondays 3-Way Prompt Imperfection.  I am digging into my musical theatre background and chose this song from the musical Sideshow. It’s the true story about the siamese twin Hilton sisters who performed in a Sideshow and the story of that journey and their journey through the relationships with the people around them.  This song is a beautiful ode to questioning ones own imperfections and questioning their sense of self through that realization.

28 Replies to “Break On Through”

    1. Considering we already go late to June (running joke is that we will be teaching into July) I am not a fan of multiple days. One of the first years I taught we lost so many days that they had to extend the school day by an hour. That was awful.

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    1. Awww thanks! I really was hoping you’d like it! I cant believe I posted before I added it. And I even kept looking over it before posting thinking “something is missing” 😳 I am so losing it 🥴💕

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        1. I wouldn’t mind if you did. I am so glad that you a) like it b) get it c) look forward to it. I pretty much challenged myself to do it for every post. Lord knows there should be enough titles to cover! Funny thing is I try and choose things I would think you’d know but every now and then I use one just to test the extensiveness of your musical stylings! 😁

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