A Walk On The Wild Side


Day 12 (377) – January 12, 2019

Curves – Lens Artists / 6 Word Saturday / Walking – Weekly Prompt Photo / Instrumental – FOWC / River – RDP / Splinter – WODC

It’s snowing. First time this year.  It hasn’t really started to pile up but on my way back from an excursion Anastasia and I took, the mostly cloudy skies layered up, hiding any sunset. And as if on cue, when night fell, so did the snow.  I really do enjoy driving in snow.  I think I did a post on that last year.  I did catch the photo below on my way home.  Even though it isn’t falling that hard, driving through it definitely makes it look like it is. Sometimes the days prompts prove to be instrumental in giving me a reason to get off my lazy ass and do something.   Combining walking, curves and river added up to taking the dog on a walk to a park where I could make it look like I was next to a bend in the river.  So maybe it’s a slight curve in the creek, but I think it counts.  As we walked along the path the smell of snow saturated the air as the temperatures dropped.  I think Anastasia knew it was coming.  She is in her element and really loves excursions in the cold.  I am ok with it, but when the hands start to feel as if they have been poked by a number of splinters, I know it won’t be much longer until I lose all feeling in them (thanks to the neuropathy side effect from chemo).  I probably should have brought my hot hand packets. Or some thicker gloves.

Look What I Found

Everything Looks Better in Pink

Viva La Honeymoon



14 Replies to “A Walk On The Wild Side”

  1. I did the same as Angel I thought you’d taken the cat for a walk too! The camera seemed to focus on Anatasia’s head and ignore her nose completely! Try covering her nose and you’ll see what I mean… there you go she becomes a cat! 😀

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    1. That is so weird. I would never had seen that. 😂 Only difference is, if I brought one of the cats for a walk, a) I wouldn’t use a leash and b) I would end up leaving them there! 🤣🤣 (ok maybe not really, but still…) 🤣

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