Dog’s A Best Friend’s Dog


Day 8 (373) – January 8, 2019

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Is it me, or did WP change something.  I am thinking highlight colors? The question is why?  I really don’t like the new colors.  I didn’t realize they were going to do that. And when they do something like that, I really wish we had an option.

I really couldn’t think of a better pair to feature, for today’s prompts, than these two.  Not only the pair, but despite their size and Anastasia’s intimidating stare they are just about as gentle as gentle comes.  Except when it comes to playtime.  Now that Gracie is pretty much totally blind, I really think Anastasia knows and takes care of her sister.  I mean she could easily stymie all of her attempts to eat, play, sleep, etc., but she doesn’t. This is a very rare site.  They hardly ever lay on the same couch, it just makes me wonder even more.  But Gracie is doing an amazing job adapting.  She is able to navigate around obstacles, some how she manages to know exactly where you are, even if you aren’t in the room. At bedtime, I think she can hear the crepitus of my bones as I head up the stairs, because without fail she is not far behind.  It is still very easy to feel so bad for her.  You just have to wonder what her mind is really thinking.  But despite all the adversity she is dealing with, she maintains that happy, tail wagging, eager to please 5 year old puppy, and her sister is there, for the most part, in her corner watching over and serving as, well, as her seeing eye dog.

Look What I Found

Jellicle Songs

I didn’t even realize…

idb 11

It’s been 8 Years (today)!  Crazy.

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    1. That’s what I kept thinking. That and my computer was acting up. It kind of drove me crazy. That magenta stands out like a sore thumb. Thanks for the congrats!


    1. Definitely hot pink is on the publish button, but the darker blue fill on the like star really does not work. Granted the 8 years weren’t always active but I am surprised I’ve kept it running for that long!

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