Stay Or Leave


Day 7 (372) – January 7, 2019

Windows – VJ’s Weekly / Shattered – Manic Monday 3-Way / Metamorphosis – Fandango / Lumber – RDP /

It was the first day in quite awhile where temps stayed in the 30’s.  With that came a trip over to the resort to see how things were going.  The runs were tad rough which meant that photos of skiers would not be that good. So on my way out, I noticed that the lights were still burning bright on the path leading to the lodge.  Ever since the resort completely remodeled the lodge, hotels and ski lodge the entire facility has been transformed.  What was once a blasé facade, has metamorphosed into class. The warm glow of the interior lights flood the large windows, framed by pillars of lumber, that invite guests into the main hub.  It is a beautiful sight and one that really enhances our little borough.  Apologies for the boring post. It’s a Monday.

This is my music response for Manic Monday 3-Way Prompt “shattered”  This is a band that I followed all through Middle and High school, before they got popular with Eye of the Tiger.  Don’t hold it against me.  😳

Look What I Found

Dog Lovin

18 Replies to “Stay Or Leave”

    1. The nice thing was that when they got into 4th grade they gave the kids all free learn to ski packages. It was a great way for them to give back to the community! And to plan for the future!

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    1. Serious? That’s amazing. I was sure I was the only one that remembered the Survivor faze. True story. Earlier this past year, I had a dream where a songs lyric/melody was playing. I remembered in the morning that I had dreamt in and how the lyric went. After about an hour, I pinpointed it to a Survivor song. I knew the lyrics but I never got to the ones that had the title. Once I remembered it was a Survivor song I went through their greatest hits album on ITunes and the crazy thing is, not only did I figure out the song but in addition to that song and every song on that album, I remembered all the lyrics. My memory sucks. It I remembered the lyrics to all these songs I hadn’t heard in what has to be 35 years! Crazy.


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