Take Me Home


Day 6 (371) – January 6, 2019

Reflect – Sunday Stills / New – One Word Sunday / Underdog – FOWC / Homecoming – RDP / Riddle – WODC

The local fire house got a new truck recently.  Driving past their auxiliary garage, I noticed that for a what I would imagine to be a good chunk of change, you could get yourself a used hose and ladder truck or an ambulance.  It’s a sight you just don’t see every day.  As I walked by the main fire house this morning, the shine off the new truck caught my eye.  When I turned look, the row of gear, neatly and methodically hung, struck me. There was something about it that just stopped me in my tracks and left me riddled with somber thoughts.  Knowing that each of those kits is occupied by someone who has volunteered (80% are volunteers) to risk their life, to fight an opponent with the power to make each of them a huge underdog, is a sobering thought.  Especially when you look at the number of kits ready for their occupants to come home.  When I moved to Albuquerque back in 1990, I actually took the test to become a firefighter.  I passed the written and returned the following day to do the physical portion.  After the 4th (of 7) obstacle, my breakfast decided that it was giving up, and as is policy, if that happens, it’s immediate disqualification.  I am not sure why I didn’t go back and retest.  I really wanted to be a firefighter.  But I suppose it just wasn’t in the plans.  I was fairly certain, as well, that I had managed to get through the most difficult obstacle on the course and that the last 3 wouldn’t have been as much of a struggle.  I blamed the altitude.  I still do.

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19 Replies to “Take Me Home”

  1. Loved reading this! It’s really cool to hear about this ambition of yours. Dreams reawakening as you’re taking this great photo… My ethics teacher shared with us an interesting scenario with a paramedic. I’m indebted to them. They took care of my life last year. 🙂

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    1. Perhaps it’s more looking back on how easy it would have been for your life to be completely different had the events have a different outcome. I mean I completely live by everything happening for a reason, but that darn butterfly effect is really the concept I get lost in.

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      1. I used to think coincidences were common, yet lately I attribute special events to synchronicity. Butterfly effect fascinates me!

        Johann Gottlieb Fichte says that “you could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby … changing something throughout all parts of the immeasurable whole”

        Yet, I think of the appendix organ.., If you remove it, does it affect the body? 🙂

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  2. Such a gift to have a new engine. I was a firefighter and paramedic, I absolutely loved it and would continue to do it for free. The testing is not easy. I didn’t eat that morning for the fear of that happening to me. It is the best thing i could have done for my 19 year old self. i also met my husband that way, too. Great post!!

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    1. That is amazing! They told me to have a little something in the stomach at least an hour before and to have the water with you at all times. It was a very hot day, so I don’t think that helped. I would have loved to be a paramedic though. That was the route I was heading, eventually.


      1. Is it bad that all I could think of was John Denver but didn’t think he was who you had in mind.

        I see I was right!

        I think I’m Phil Collins dyslexic. “In The Air Tonight,” Yes.

        Anything else? I’m drawing a blank.

        Mentally because of that song “That Shall Not Be Named” I blocked Phil, I think.

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          1. I can’t tell you the memories that pop up when I write about a past event or a song pops into my head that I relate to at the time. Talk about flood gates.

            I don’t want to talk about my Miami Vice stage. Let’s just say I may have owned a white jacket and different colored tees. 😎 and it may or may not have lasted more than 30 mins with me. 😬

            I was fascinated with ITAT especially after I heard the story that supposedly went with it.

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