Wheel In The Sky


Day 4 (369) – January 4, 2018

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As predicted in yesterdays post, my daughter was able to catch a 7am flight back to Dallas which meant that no less than 10 hours from dropping off the eldest, I was back at BWI at the butt-crack of dawn. From there, straight to school for 8 hours of sleep deprived education.  Of course, it would all be fine and dandy if that would have happened as smooth as it sounds.  But I should have known that right as we left the house, running late as is the norm, her suitcase, over flowing with her usual stuff but now enhanced with her holiday gifts, decided that it couldn’t hold itself together.  And in a scene right out of Alien, where the creature bursts through the poor guys stomach, the contents came hurling out, and that suitcase, much like that persons abdomen, was rendered useless.  What followed was a series of events that would be akin to a poor silent vaudeville film, complete with subtitles, in a foreign language.  But somehow, with much gratitude, everyone pretty calm, despite the series of unfortunate events.  While a small portion, see photo below, was left behind, to be sent via mail, the majority found itself crammed into a bag half that size.  I waited for the eruption that never came, which left me full of gratitude.  The hospitality we received at the departure drop- off, was non existent, but being sans luggage, there was no real need.  Somehow in the melee that was this morning, my girl found it in her heart to ask me to forgive her for not realizing she probably should not have stuffed her case as full as she did.  And for using the gaff tape instead of the duct tape to hold the seams together (yes, she knows the difference!) And in the end, everyone made it safely to their destinations, and there was sleep.

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16 Replies to “Wheel In The Sky”

  1. One never knows what will happen at the airport. Busting out luggage is one of them. Great photos! Everyone should realize that duct tape rules! Those grown up kiddos, though, know most everything. haha. I enjoyed your post. 🙂


  2. However enjoyable the visit, it’s SO good when life gets back to normal! Great photo – like the detail of the torn label on the luggage cart stand.

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    1. You said it, I didn’t, even though I think/thought it. As soon as I got home I was able to clean and start getting the house back to normal.
      There was a lot I liked about the photo. This was one I actually took in B&W first! I did it in color as well, but the lighting, designs and patterns, and balance just felt like they’d look so much better. The small details were bonuses! (This is one that I actually feel good about)


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