Ride Into The Danger Zone


Day 2 (367) – January 2, 2018

Resolution – Weekly Word PromptDeliver – FOWC / Mystery – RDP / Hopeful – WODC

In the words of Kramer from Seinfeld – “I’m OUT”! If you know the reference, I sure hope you got a chuckle out of it.  Two days into the New Year and I can’t even keep one of my resolutions.  Narrowing down what prompts I am going to use is not as easy at you would think.  Thank God there are prompts that ended or are taking a break.  That is the only reason why I don’t have as many.  I think it will be a day to day decision, and if my post doesn’t fit a prompt, then I won’t worry about it.  I think I have been “zoning out” a lot lately.  I was in a staff meeting and I swear my brain just went to sleep.  I mean my eyes are open but there is no one home, yet I am conscious that it is happening.  If I let my mind lead me I don’t fight it and the “snap back” is much more jarring.  But if I fight it, kind of like clearing the cobwebs, I find myself constantly shaking my head to wake myself up.  If any of the staff saw me doing that, they would call an ambulance.  I am sure todays zoning was a result of jet lag from the break. A short siesta when I got home (would have been longer if Anastasia wouldn’t have stuck her nose into mine accompanied with a wet, cold dog kiss) took the edge off so I can stay out of the zone.  I am pretty sure it is a good thing I am not a bus driver, pilot or anything like that.  I just can see a passing motorist looking over into my window as I am slapping myself awake. Thanking the stars that this is a short week back!  I am not completely sure why I took this photo, or why I am posting it.  I think I just wanted something that leads to some kind of “danger zone”.  I just find it fun to look at.  I think maybe because I have a couple of questions about it. For example, there is no landing there ½ way up.  There isn’t even a sign to “watch your step”.  I do not think I would want to flee a fire, using that escape, in the dark.  I also find the parking signs to be a mystery.  First there is no parking anywhere near those areas.  The road is literally right next to it and there is nowhere to park on the street.  And I wonder if you can’t read the sign does that automatically disqualify you from being on the council? This is what happens after my brain has been shaken awake. There are others but I will leave them for now.

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I’m Not Wining

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