Shake It Off


Day 1 (366) – January 1, 2019

Floor – Tuesday Photo / Enigma – FOWC

Happy New Year!! I am sure there are many who are still recovering, looking like Gracie here, well at least my kids do.  A few days ago I posted a photo of Gracie defying gravity, today I just had to post this one that was caught today.  You can’t make this stuff up, or even photoshop it.  In any case, Happy New Year, again.  It doesn’t feel any different. But it is significant, at least for me a bit.  I still really haven’t decided if I am going to work on a second 365, so until I do I will just assume I am.  I am going to change some things up though.  I guess you can call them my New Years WP Resolutions.  I have no idea why I am sharing them, but, oh wait I do remember.  It is so that I remember what I am doing when I forget just a few minutes from now. Forgive me, it’s New Years day.  I tried not to post today, but then when I realized I just couldn’t stay away, I knew that I was going to have to keep it up.  So my new guidelines for myself are designed to alleviate the unnecessary stress or burden I sometimes feel in regards to posting, specifically the photos and the challenges.  I am going to still post a photo (or more) every day, but I am not going to necessarily take the photo that day. I think for me it’s the storytelling I enjoy, even if it is true, and the photo will just enhance the post.  Next, I know that I must spend 15 – 20 minutes alone going through each challenge site, to collect them all and then to create the links.  Therefor, I think I am going to narrow it down to 2 or 3 at the most.  There are certain challenges I really enjoy that I plan to keep up, and I have a collection of 4 that I turn to every day.  Between those, I am pretty sure I have something that I can create my “daily topic” from. Finally, I am not going to “sweat it” if the day is running late and I realize I won’t be able to get to it.  I plan on completing 365 posts, I just may not post them within the 24 hour scope.  With Friday Follies taking up a good amount of time (I really have no idea how you all do it), it has become somewhat of a priority for me.  For the last 10 weeks Thursday’s were pretty much consumed by WP. I will need to find a better way to manage. I feel better about this direction.  I am sorry if I bored you with the details.  I am fairly certain you probably don’t care either way, but I needed to work it out here, now, for my own sake (and memory). I do hope your year started out strong.  We all have been given a blank slate in which to create the year.  Let’s make art!

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17 Replies to “Shake It Off”

  1. Life calls us to re-evaluate – I’m with you on that – haven’t met many challenges in the past few weeks. Did note that you included my challenge yesterday, but didn’t link it. Just an FYI.
    Keep well.

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      1. No! Processes are always interesting to me. It’s been that way for me all my life. Mentally, I’m sort of like (to a small degree and the only way I can think of to explain it) the guy in the original Cheaper By the Dozen book.

        The process of any kind of work that people do is fascinating to me, and that includes decision making.

        Weird I know. My main question in life has always been, “but how?”

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        1. Exactly. Which is why I had to write it down because I will forget. That’s no joke. And it’s not weird. That human condition is fascinating. I also tend to get so super distracted. The adhd flies off the charts, which makes sense because I do this in the evening after meds have worn off. And weren’t you just trying to fall asleep? My bad. I actually need the same. Back to work I go tomorrow. 😕

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