Friday Night Lights


Day 254 – December 20, 2018

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(On a Thursday Night)   Finished school and headed right out to try and find the “one” that will replace the truck, finally.  Talk about Christmas shopping.  I would normally really love doing this, but this time it is just not appealing to me, at all.  Which is a wonder when you consider that I have the go ahead from the bank to do it, and how easy it would be to walk in, pick the one I really like and leave in a new vehicle.  But right now it just not that easy and it feels like pulling teeth.  I really don’t want any part of it.  Except, I kinda need to do something.  The shop is going to want their car back and my truck gone really soon, and since the truck won’t really make it home, I don’t really have much of a choice.  So this is one of the 4 lots I visited tonight.  One of the things that always really made me wonder was, why do car lots have to look like they are holding a sports event at night.  I mean, there are more lights blaring around this lot than you would find at a professional sports arena.  Ok maybe that’s a little much, but I have seen super centers that do.  And when you get close to one as you drive along a highway, you would think there was a Hollywood movie premier happening.  I just happen to think it may be a little excessive, and if they’d cut down on the electricity maybe the price of a car could go down. Just a thought.  Made it to Friday. Time to celebrate you.

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  1. Hahaha! I know what you mean. Those car lots can be seen from outer space…and they all seem be on the same corridor too. It’s weird. But, good luck in the hunt. I recommend a Ford F-150. Nice truck. Thanks a bunch for joining in. 😊

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    1. Thanks! The F150 was the first truck I ever bought. Loved it. I would love to get back in a truck, but I can’t justify the gas mileage in a another truck If I have a choice.
      I always thought it was like a large softball complex, but then I realized that when I was flying over cities that the huge bright mass of lights were actually those damn auto parks…

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      1. Crazy, aren’t they? I hear ya’ on the truck. Not the best as a daily commuter. I have to have a truck, for the farm, towing a camper and a boat, and for the 4×4 in winter. I’ve had a GMCSierra for years now, but next one will be an F 150. Good luck in whatever you’re seeking. 😃👍🏻

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        1. Thanks. I wish I knew and then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I started with the F150 then onto a Tacoma but it wasn’t enough to pull my RV so I moved into a Tundra and now I am in a Ridgeline which I loved. So yeah I’m a truck guy and I’ll miss it but I’ll probably end up getting a used cheap one at some point just to have for those things you realize you took for granted because you had a truck. 😕

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