Finding A Light In The Dark


Day 349 – December 15, 2018

Seasonal – Lens-Artists / Advent Continues – Weekly Prompts Photo / Six Word Saturday / Intersection -FOWC / Play – RDP / Commitment – WODC / Candles – December Photo a Day / Day 15 – December Squares

If it weren’t for city sonnet’s prompt tonight, I would probably still be out trying to locate and compose a photo.  When I saw that prompt, combined with a couple of the others, I knew what I wanted. I just had to find a church that would provide the canvas.  Sitting close top the main intersection in town, this was close enough.  It was one of the only one’s I came across that I felt looked like a glow was emanating from inside.  It is a chilly, wet day/night, but the warmth radiating from the scene drew focus.  Another night photo, but I can’t improve if I don’t put myself out there. If it was a better shot you would have seen the times (🕛😉) for mass.  I made a commitment to get better at it, I will keep trying. This was the best of the bunch as well, so I have work to do.  Have a great Sunday, your very presence is intoxicating to more than you know.

3 of Many

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Finding the Fire

Flushing Ice Cubes


29 Replies to “Finding A Light In The Dark”

  1. I would never have found all the pictures to post daily, Except for right now, the time of year etc, so very well done.
    I love this picture and it so perfect for our Advent challenge. I quite like our Advent one because it allows me to post as many as I like and right now there’s so many opportunities and pictures to choose from.

    I didn’t look for aliens on this one, I figured they wouldn’t visit a church. I love the crib scene, so lovely when lit up.

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    1. I definitely took you up on the second advent challenge. And I knew exactly that I wanted to get a glow of stained glass from a church in there! Thanks for the reaction on the photo. It means a lot!

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          1. At least with your night shots you’re getting some great lights
            We kept Education in the family. My son is a teacher and one daughter is a school manager. Another daughter trained as a teacher then later dropped out. The two still in Education finish on Friday. It gives very little time to finish off the Christmas


          1. My problem is that I usually read from the older to the newer so I miss out on the follow up comments, kind of like I just did! I probably should read them all before responding! 😳🥴


    1. I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure that out. Taking a photo every day is not without challenges so I need to figure out a way to make it easier but just as meaningful. But I have to do something photography wise. I have so much I need to improve. I also love the interaction with all of you day to day. AND this is now my only “social media” type thing. (Though I don’t really think of it like that). And everyone I follow and who follow me, don’t know me and I am fairly certain I don’t know them (you) so it’s so much more meaningful and important to me. I have a pretty cool, great friendships on here that are non judgemental and have no obligation. They carry so much more weight because there is no obligation or fear of rejection, retaliation. We can be who we are not who others want us to be. We relate to each other because we share the same interest.
      Well didn’t realize I had so much to say 😳 sorry to be long winded 😬


      1. Not long winded at all. Incredibly thoughtful and touching response. And I agree with you about blogging friends, they are truly special relationships for exactly the reasons you have cited 😊

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