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Day 345 – December 11, 2018

Challenge – Tuesday Photo Challenge / Catching People Unaware – Cee’s Fun Foto / Naughty or Nice – Manic Monday 3 – Way PromptTrees – Photo For the Week / Steps – Pic and a Word / Target – FOWC / Connect – RDP / Venturesome – WODC / Hat, Scarves, Gloves – December Photo a Day / Day 11 – December Squares

Not one of my best attempts.  I have been struggling with the quality of tonights shots.  With 3 completely different lighting elements, all at different kelvins and intensities, in different areas, it has become a challenge within a challenge.  So far it is winning, but I figure I have a couple more weeks to work on it.  I am pretty pleased with the concept of the photo to match todays prompts and challenges.  And I did not have to go far, which is good as I wasn’t quite in the ready to head out yet.  This is one side of the house. And not all of it, but enough to start documenting it.  I have always had a countdown display of some sort to raise the excitement levels. Before projections like this were a thing, I would get venturesome and build creative displays using large stopwatch like devices (the kind you would see at a track and swim meets, etc.)   If my kids were any indication of a typical response driving past a countdown, or the first time they would see the display after I had it all up, I am sure I have caught many other parents unaware as their little passengers suddenly yelped in glee when coming upon the bright lights.  Heck, I even let out a little yelp when I come upon a beautiful display.  I guess I can’t help it.  It is the magic of the season.  Have a great Wednesday. We so love having you around.

My song response for the Manic Monday prompt – Naughty or Nice.

When I first saw the naughty prompt, this was immediately the first song that came to mind.  Taking me way back to my teens, I knew that if I heard the lyrics I would know the song immediately.  I just could not remember, right away, who sang it.  With the genius app and youtube, I tracked it down.  I can remember the day I first saw this video, like it was yesterday. Talk about naughty! 😂 I do enjoy reminiscing with 80’s Hair Metal songs!

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22 Replies to “Digital Display”

  1. Night photography is a skill I’ve yet to learn. Really must though as I’d love to capture lights. So glad you didn’t have to go far for your #timesquare. Continue to take care of yourself, and here’s another virtual hug 🤗

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    1. That’s what your challenge does to me! And when a prompt brings back a song from way back not only do I remember a long forgotten song, but the memories associated with that song come flooding back! So thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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