Change Of Heart

Day 344 – December 10, 2018

Intent – VJ’s Weekly Prompt / Special – FOWC / Ripple – RDP / Day 10 – December Squares

Depending on your definition of exciting, today may have fallen under the category. If not exciting, then it’s been an eventful day. It was not intended to be that way. I would have settled for typical.  This morning, after first class was finished, I started to feel off. Don’t panic, all is good, but felt some chest pain stuff and then some other things happened that caused some more concern and I felt like I probably should say something to someone and before you know it, off I go in an ambulance. 10 hours later, things look to be well enough to be able to go home. I’m waiting for one more test to come back and should be off. Hopefully by the time I get around to posting this I will be at home…  And now 3 hours after starting this post, I am home in time to post before midnight. I hope.  In any case, turned out to be just a scare and time to follow-up and make a couple of changes to the diet, etc. Never my intent!  I can already feel the ripple effect. No more candy canes this year.  Have a healthy Tuesday!

This is just a photo of the special of the day – Hospital food! 😬


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