Blown Out Of Proportion


Day 343 – December 9, 2018

Tradition – Sunday Stills / Circle – One Word Sunday / Advent (#2) – Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge / Free – FOWC / Dream – RDP / Kinky – WODC / Moon – December Photo a Day / Day 9 – December Squares

It’s that holiday time of year.  I am a big fan of yard decorations (as if I haven’t made that known 😛) It has been tradition for me to have a display that impressed the kids.  It was a great way for them to experience a real life dream for free.  As they got older, their interest waned but the display continued even as my help faded away to none.  The past couple of years have been rather skeletal, but this year I have started to build back up and light it up.  This, is NOT my display.  This is what my house would have looked like a couple of years ago. I do really enjoy going out to shoot others displays like this.  This reminds me of what mine would have been like. Except my inflatables surpassed this amount, as there was a bit more ground to cover. As years passed, the inflatables deflated and because the kids weren’t as interested, they did not get replaced.  It is actually kind of depressing now that I write about it.  I may have to change that.  Have a great start to your week.

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21 Replies to “Blown Out Of Proportion”

  1. I love how Americans decorate their yards, such fun and full of community spirit. It’s not that common in England or Portugal, however you do see the odd light or two in Portugal on apartments, and in England there is at least one street in every county (think state) where everyone on that street decorates their house in lights!

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  2. I love this. Over in the U.K. we rarely see homes decorated to these proportions. I actually thought it only happened in films (movies) I didn’t realise it happened for real! 🙂

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  3. Well don’t feel too much pressure to add more lighted stuff to your yard- sometimes less can be more –
    And we go by some of the yards with tons of stuff and sometimes it is too much
    But I guess it depends on what you want – eh?

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  4. Oh this brings back good memories I forgot to add in my Christmas fireside chat! ❤ My family enjoys putting up Christmas lights. My mom somehow finds displays in great condition our neighbors throw away (snowmen & reindeer) and invite them to live with us. 🙂 My dad enjoys creating stars on our windows with those blinking lights. When we walk into our dark bedrooms, we enjoy the glow of the light show. I think we were worried that inflatables would get damaged by our hail storms.

    My dad thought something like this ( was too busy and keep us up at night. He really believed we needed the most sleep we could get! 😀

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          1. I’ve read two so far, the one you tagged me on and the ‘not throwing away your shot’ one. I always read a couple to get an idea of a blog, I’ll go back and read more over time. I like to flick through blogs being nosy!


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