It’s Clear As The Driven Snow


Day 342 – December 8, 2018

Celebration – Lens-Artists / Advent – Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge / 6 Word Saturday / Pencil – FOWC / Squat – RDP / Capitulate – WODC / Snow Globe – December Photo a Day / Day 8 – December Squares

One of my favorite, go-to, local locations, during the winter is the ski resort.  When this place opens it is bursting with photo-ops. But for now preparations continue, behind the scenes, as the mountain readies to open. Just the thought of this, sends the community into a winter celebration.  With a winter storm, that looked like it was targeting us, whipping up tremendous snowfalls to the south, I needed my “snow” fix.  So out I went.  I also didn’t have squat for a pic for today so I needed something! Rather than capitulating to my laziness, and going outside to shoot my neighbors house, I headed to my go-to.  I am glad I did.  Last time I was there they had just started snow making so only one trail was being blown.  Tonight the front side of the mountain had coverage and most, if not all snow makers were up and whipping up snow at near blizzard speeds.  The place looked like a snow globe.  Since the mountain was still closed the whole area was quiet. It was just me, a pencil and pad (not really just needed to get that in but if there was one in the car I would have gotten it, but then I am in a rental, and my truck is still at the shop, nothing of mine is in there 🥴) my camera and the sounds of snow falling.  I added another snow blowing picture below.  I just really liked it, so I wanted to share.  I hope all have a great Sunday! Let your quirks become strengths.

3 of Many

This Lane is Lit

Virtual Holiday Lights

Far Out Lights


23 Replies to “It’s Clear As The Driven Snow”

  1. That is beautiful! A place to live! A great shot too
    I’m waiting to see the lights at your place! You asked for a challenge to show off your lights so we gave you Advent! Thank you for the idea! 🙂

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    1. Ahhh I did not put 2 and 2 together. Actually I did do a photo of outside but I needed to get out and when I saw the pic I posted well I had to post it. I can always go out and get another one this week! 😉

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      1. I love the picture you posted, it’s seasonal, pretty, snowy. Perfect for Advent. And you can link as many posts as you like. We have another couple of weeks to go before Christmas Day!

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        1. I had one that had more lights in it but this one had the ski lifts in background, the cool flare and the snow shooting out the building. I figured advent is like 24 days so I should be able to get 6 more.

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          1. Hi Jason, I think I should clear a misunderstanding. Weekly Prompts is the Challenge site I share with GC and we each have our own personal sites. Mine as you know is Nan’s Farm and GC’s is The Main Aisle, but we don’t set challenges on either of our personal sites.

            Each of us advertises Weekly Prompts and as punters we often link our own articles to it, but only Weekly Prompts sets the challenges.

            I’m explaining this because I noticed on a couple of occasions that you inadvertently created ping-backs to the Main Aisle, and I thought you would prefer to know about the mistake rather than continuing to link to the Main Aisle and neither one of us mentioning it! Sorry ! 🙂

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          2. That is really odd Because I simply copy right out of the address bar and link, so I have no idea how that gets in there. I really don’t even go onto his website, so I am confused as to how his blog gets linked? I will go back and see what happened.


          3. You have linked to Weekly Prompts, but also to Gerry’s last post. Xmas Lights on Candy Cane Lane.

            I can only apologise if you were show-casing, and it was one of the three, I didn’t realise you did that. Though Candy Cane Lane was certainly worth showing off, I’ve never seen anything like it. Like I said before this is down to me not him. 🙂

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          4. I am not sure, but I linked GC to my blog. through my 3 of Many feature. (where I select 3 posts to share that day?) Is it possible that that’s what he thought was a ping to weekly prompts?

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          5. No not him. It was me, I thought you were linking by mistake simply because others sometimes inadvertently do that! Oh dear, sorry Jason!

            So that’s what your 3 of Many is! I’ve seen theses on your site but didn’t realise what it was about! I do apologise. 🙂

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