Snow Business

Day 338 – December 4, 2018

Tranquil – Tuesday Photo Challenge / Macro – Cees Fun Foto & Photo for the Week / Leisure – FOWC / Rain – RDP / Pummel -WODC / Clouds – December Photo a Day / Day 4 – December Squares

No, it is not snowing.  Nor is it raining.  There is a chance of snow showers tomorrow and a better chance for a good amount this weekend.  But, because the forecast calls for 40 degree and below temps, there is snow a blow’n on the slopes.  I decided to stop by the resort on my way home, and as I pulled up water droplets collected on my windshield.  It normally does this when the wind is also blowing, sending the flakes further up, and sometimes off, the runs.  It is time for the base to be set down. And it is time to get the slopes up and running. They usually start in November, but I guess they saw that there were still some warm temps up coming, so they held off.  I actually really enjoy getting close to the blowers, especially when there hasn’t been snow in a while.  If you don’t know what a blizzard is like, it is one heck of a way to experience it.  Just take a leisurely walk at the right point and bam.  Talk about being pummeled.  The weird thing is, is that it is very tranquil.  Just sitting on the outside looking in allows you to tune out whatever is happening and just become entranced in its effect.  Reminds me of Star Trek/Wars, when they go into light speed and the stars fly right by.  Ok, so I may be a little bit off, don’t hold that against me.  🥴 Have a wonderful Wednesday. NO Pressure though!

3 of Many

Man In the Moon

Don’t Point at Me

Dinner Is Served




19 Replies to “Snow Business”

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad I could provide you with a virtual experience! It’s probably how I feel with pictures of the beach! 😛 Just curious, where abouts are you? (don’t have to be specific or even share 😬)


  1. I love your description of the weather.

    My earliest memory of a blizzard is from when I was about five years old. I had been to see Father Christmas plus shopping in the city with my mum. As our bus left the city the snow became deeper and deeper until eventually, the bus driver declared we should get off and walk.

    The fierceness of the snow blasting into my eyes became painful and I was no longer able to see. The memory of that long, cold and frightening walk home in that blizzard has never left me.

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    1. I think it’s that you are petrified that you will freeze to death or get lost or not make it home that engrains it in your memory. It is so ironic because I can’t forget my first blizzard, which also was when I was 5. We were living in Michigan and dropped my dad off at the airport. I was sitting in the back of the station wagon when mom just could not see and ended up stuck in a highway. I remember her bundling is up so we could get to a place close by. Same effect, pelted like crazy, the wind cutting through the jacket like a knife. Shivering before I could take 10 steps. The snow had already began to drift with the wind and I was scared to death that I would be buried in it. Needless to say, not being able to see a foot in front and losing sight of my mom and brothers was super scary. We ended up back in the wagon. Covered in blankets until a plow came by and we got right behind it. I don’t remember anything around that time except for that moment. Since then, I’ve been in a few, but we aren’t north enough to get them all the time. But close enough!

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        1. Same way although I don’t mind at all driving in it. Once it’s coming down though I love staying home and watching. especially when I know school is closed. 😉


          1. It’s actually amusing how the notification system has evolved over the years. There were a number of times 20+ years ago where I’d get into school only to find out that we were closed or we had a delay and I missed out on an extra couple of hours of sleep. 😩


          2. Yes that happened to me too. Then along came the automated text system, which is great until networks clogged up. Then you get parents complaining because we’re closed. Some didn’t grasp that a lot of staff live at the other side of the city and cannot get through the snow!

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          3. Lets not go into the parent thing. Until someone takes me up on spending a day in the classroom they need to shut up. Our system just implemented a teacher only notification system last year. And then parents have 3 others ways to find out. Works like a charm.

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