Don’t Look Back

Day 334 – November 30, 2018

White On White – Weekly Photo Challenge / Composition – Friday Foto Fun / #479 – Weekend Reflections / Field – Cee’s Black & White / Weekend in Black & White / Classified – FOWC / Frost – RDP / Doleful – WODC /

I cannot believe we are down to 1 month left in the year.  I also cannot believe that this is the 334th consecutive day of a full year of taking and posting a photo everyday.  It all seems so surreal.  Very reflective to the type of day that it was and it followed me into an office building I found myself in to complete an errand.  The field, in the middle of the mosaic above, really didn’t need to be shot in black and white.  It really did not change the actual scene that much at all.  There was a definite, doleful feeling, especially with a little frost and a lot of fog. And it continued into the office I stopped by.  A stark black and white interior that had the look of one of those rooms where they take you to be interrogated.  You look at it and can almost hear the phrase “we have ways of making you talk.” The place had some history.  There were photos, that lined the walls, of the surrounding area and buildings from the historic past.  Just like one of those 60’s FBI movies where they walk through and down into the “file room” where they held all the classified information.  It continued/ues to be that type of day.  But it is not all that bad, there are new possibilities for tomorrow. Keep the faith and believe.

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17 Replies to “Don’t Look Back”

    1. Thank you! I need to work on my black and whites landscapes when it’s a dreary day. I feel my settings are off but have yet to figure it out. Oh well, at least your challenge gives me more reasons to shoot in b&w!!


  1. lol you certainly set the atmosphere for these shots … and how do you know so much about interrogation rooms? lol that light shade certainly looks the part as they swing it around to blind your eyes … but guessing they just slip something into your drink nowadays!

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    1. Nice! Thank you, thanks to the little incident you stirred up with bushboy and the whole baby thing, I found out first hand what they were like. I am just wondering what you know about the drinks thing. 😳😛😂😂💕

      Liked by 1 person

          1. oh sorry that was a few hours ago and probably 100 comments for me 😉
            In that they probably no longer need to interrogate, they probably just slip a truth drug into your drink and you tell everything …

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