Rise And Shine


Day 331 – November 27, 2018

Contact – Tuesday Photo Challenge / Cold – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge / Handmade – Pic and a Word #163 / Leave – FOWC / Walk – RDP / Dismal – WODC

Ok Before I start on my post, I have to get something off my chest.  What in the hell is “Giving Tuesday” and when did that start?  Seriously?  I mean wtf?  Is it not enough that the last 5 days have been stuffed full of “Black Friday Eve”, ” Black Friday”, “Shop Local Saturday”, “Pre-Cyber Monday”, “Cyber Monday”, and now “Giving Tuesday”?  🙄The only thing I am giving is up. I just don’t understand the mentality, or thought that goes into it.  I swear today was the first day I had ever heard of it, hence my rant. So that’s it.  Got it off my chest and I feel, not much, better.  Maybe I chose the photo today because it still has the effect on me that it did when I took it this morning.  I had left home, in the frigid cold, with bone freezing wind chills that only the shelter of the house or my trucks cab could deter.  It was not at all easy for me to leave the house to even walk the 20 feet to my truck.  Once there, I still had to wait for the heat to kick in which usually takes 10 minutes or so, on a good day.  But at least there was a barrier between me and the dismal temps.  The time has now returned, from daylight savings, to the point where I leave in the dark.  Which means on days like today, I am treated to glorious day breaks like this.  I could tell when I was about to get on the highway that something colorful was going to happen, but in no way did I think it would be so much that I just had to pull over and try and capture the view that looked handmade, painted to perfection.  I was in total awe. This was my original idea I talked about hoping to do in yesterday’s post.  It is scenes like this that make contact with the mind and body to create a certain feeling of hope and encouragement. A sense that everything can change, or just one tiny vital thing. It is the start of a new day and an opportunity to take what is being given and make it the best it can be.  Even on a stupid day like “Giving Tuesday” (give me a break ((I just can’t let it go)) 🥴)Have a great Wednesday, use your power wisely!

Photo notes: I left the rear view mirror in the main photo because I loved the reflection of the dark clouds trailing behind.  The two photos, right above, were what set up the morning glow. Both were taken from inside the truck with iPhone, so quality is a little distorted.  The first is the view I saw prior to getting on highway, and the second is a little more build up and pretty much when I knew I was going to soon need the better camera.

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17 Replies to “Rise And Shine”

    1. Thank you. Same here. I’ve always been the one who is just completely in my element giving. It’s much more meaningful. The running joke I started at work was if you are going to give, give me an early day in Friday and some beer money. Really appreciate the compliment! I’ll take that too! 😬

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  1. Incredible photos, magical on a cold Giving Tuesday. WTF is right, all these commercialized days and events, yuck. What will we get next? Loved reading your post.

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