I See The Light


Day 229 – November 25, 2018

Bucket List Images – Sunday Stills / Money – One Word Sunday / #MySundayPhoto / Flood – FOWC / Plastic – RDP / Oblivion – WODC / With the Letter N – November Photo a Day

This is what it looks like when you ask your kids to take down and put away your holiday outdoor gear.  Of course, when I ask them why they would do that, I get that oblivious look across their face.  So instead of being able to get rolling and finish hanging the lights, I end up untangling, relighting, rewiring, all of last years stock.  Worse yet, there were still 3 other buckets needing to be brought out.  As a result, I was unable to make any dent in my bucket lists (see what I did there?). Even more frustrating, I didn’t have some of the replacement parts necessary so I decided to brave the flood of people at Lowes to pick up those parts and possibly some plastic lawn decor and pay with money I really don’t have.  But I will not have my house looking like some discarded set from Nightmare Before Christmas.  It must be done, so I did, and it is.   In short, not a lot got done today.  The boys left to go back, earlier than they were planning, conveniently leaving the task to me.  Hopefully this tangled web they weaved will not take much longer to sort out and I can get my festive on. Until then, onward and upwards.  Remember a smile is contagious!

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Forgiveness, Can You Imagine

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20 Replies to “I See The Light”

  1. Oh dear, what a tangle, all good plans etc… My family and I begin our Christmas decorating at the start of Advent, So that will be next weekend, but not much happens outside except for a few lights. Our main focus will be indoors, decorating the Christmas trees and fireplaces.

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          1. I understand, I like doing tours, not that we get many decorated houses over here. We’re also a bit isolated and high walls and hedges block us from view. So a few fairy lights suffice

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    1. Oh I don’t know. I have a bunch of pics that I feel really good about. I’ve never thought about the prospect of selling a photo, and no one has ever asked that of me, I just love taking pictures and trying to get better with every snap.

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          1. I needed a couple of water themed ones for our bedroom…one I took of my husband windsurfing, one of surfers on Hilo Bay, both of which I have shared on my blog at some point. The other one is of a fall scene from 8 years ago, a lucky shot with my phone. That one I’ve been told would win a contest. I hope they turn out well, I used their black Friday discounts. Once I get them I will photograph them for the blog.

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