I’ve Got My Future On Ice


Day 328 – November 24, 2018

Splash – Lens-Artists #21 /  Comparison – Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge / SixWordSaturday / Trap – FOWC / Crash – RDP / Imagination – WODC / With the Letter N – November Photo a Day

The plan was to get the outside decorated while the boys were home to help.  Best laid plans, right? … I started with one strand of lights last night so that I would have a starting point.  By putting the LED color changing string up, I was able to compare colors right away so that I could start up the old imagination and map out how and where the outdoor lights will run. My tendency would be just to drag them out, grab a string and just start hanging.  Ten years ago, after many years of hanging, taking down and placing somewhere else, I had finally had enough and was determined not to fall in that trap again.  Hence, the lighting map was born and a new Thanksgiving tradition was born. I tend to “geek out” when it comes to outdoor lighting, especially during the holidays.    When the kids were younger, I would have the yard covered with displays.  As the displays became more light projection based, the desire for the inflatables became less and the ability to go theatrical took over.  I am much more in my element with lighting.  So when I woke up, expecting to make a dent in the outside plan, my plans came to an abrupt crash.  The glistening sparkles, off the branches, were not the strand of lights I hung, but a healthy coat of ice covering just about anything the splash of freezing rain would contact. Little did I know that we had been and would be under a winter weather advisory, and the lights would have to wait, for safety sake.  So the plan will have hold for better weather.  Not a big deal, just more time to assess the light plot.  Have a super Sunday!

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