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Day 325 – November 21, 2018

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I love cooking.  It is really no secret, but I do really enjoy whipping up dinners, etc., whenever I am not too tired and we have the ingredients needed to make a meal.  I also believe it is safe to say that what I do cook tastes really good.  I love flavors and finding what balances another out.  In fact, I would like to think that I could say, with strong conviction, that I could be a good chef, but I think that would ruin my desire to cook at home.  It’s also not that glamorous.  Unless you end up on a food network show.  I am also not saying that teaching is any more glamorous than cooking, but then that is why I teach in the visual and performing arts. Still nothing is more glamorous than shopping for groceries the night before Thanksgiving. It starts when trying to park in the parking lot .  At that time you get that sense that someone is screaming “BEWARE!, you should have done this earlier!”  I prefer working with fresh vegetables and ingredients which is why I wait to the night before.  And I am super organized.  Which is probably the only time of the year where I am, and I also have a schedule and I stick to it.  My menu is planned out so I know exactly what ingredients I need, when I need to start cooking so that everything finishes in the time necessary for optimal service.  It is also probably the only time where I might have severe OCD. And like a poet who completes a beautiful poem, a musician who completes their composition, a songwriter who finishes a song, a table full of my work is every bit as rewarding.  Wishing you a wonderful start to your Thursday.

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7 Replies to “Iron Chef”

  1. We don’t have this celebration, but hearing that the turkey is usually the central figure makes it sounds a lot like our traditional Christmas Day lunch. Happy Thanksgiving.

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    1. I don’t get it either. 🥴 I think it’s just an excuse to provide in order to further fatten up the US as a way to stimulate the health care system. 🤫Pretty far fetched I know. 😬 Turkey is usually the main thing at Christmas as well. That or Ham. But then Ham is usually the main Christmas Eve food. I don’t know. I just cook. 😛 (keeps me from eating too much 🤭

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      1. I like the idea of a public holiday and the family get togethers. We have the church and school based harvest thanksgiving festival in October but to anyone not involved with a school or a church it passes without notice. I envy your enthusiasm for cooking, mine left me long me long ago. I cook daily and host family lunches, but I no longer enjoy it. Enjoy what is left of your thanksgiving day. 🙂🍷🦃

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        1. Thank you! I am sorry to hear you lost the passion. Don’t get me wrong, I would much prefer carry-out or something pre-made then wrecking the kitchen and having to do dishes. 😳😬😂🧼🍽

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