Knots Landing


Day 323 – November 19, 2018

Deviation – VJ’s Weekly Challenge / Heart – Manic Monday 3 Way Prompt / Boats – Photo for the Week / #162 Bend – Pic and a Word / Haphazard – FOWC / Jewel – RDP / Shambles – WODC /

I took this photo with the full intent of making you believe you were looking at a boat.  With the mast, the bending anchor ropes, the steel girders, the boardwalk like fence that separates my location from the waters edge.  Or perhaps, that is exactly what you are seeing. After all the more I look at it, the more it actually does look like a harbor and living so close to Baltimore (Charm City), and the inner harbor, it has an uncanny resemblance.  Of course, I am not just going to throw words out haphazardly, to make you think twice about what you are seeing.  Or to have you study the photo real close seeking clues in order to decide for yourself if this is indeed not an actual boat photo.  In fact, I will add 2 more pics below to compound the confusion even more.  But then ask yourself, why would I have to fake a boat pic when I can take a real one, and then set the premise that I want to trick you into believing that I am not trying to trick you, leave you in shambles,  and that by putting a real boat photo in a photo that contains a fake boat all is just my way to solicit the word deviant to complete VJ’s weekly challenge as well as fitting all the other prompt words in this post? Honestly though, I am not sure, I think I confused myself back in the 3rd sentence. 😬 Or did I? 😏

The following is my response to the Manic Monday 3-Way Prompt – Heart.  This one was a very difficult selection to make.  Heart has so many possibilities to play to, so I went with this one. I remember singing this one loud and proud, thinking I had this octave… Not even close…

3 of Many

Take a Number

Northwest Tour

The Bright Side

31 Replies to “Knots Landing”

    1. You never heard that before? I played the hell out of that album. In fact 90125 was one of my first ever tapes I ordered from Columbia House! 🥴 I think my playlist would just really confuse you! 😂

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      1. That’s a fantastic album. I didn’t order it from Columbia House – I forgot to send back the card saying I didn’t want it and it arrived. Turns out it was pretty great and I kept it. Though I like “Owner of a Lonely Heart” I was really glad to see you choose a different song from the album to meet the brief.

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        1. I can’t tell you how many I “forgot” to send back. Thank god they had a liberal return policy. My problem was I’d cancel once I hit that required number and then start up again to get 14 more for 1.99. Such a deal.

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