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Day 322 – November 18, 2018

Viewpoint – OWS / Thankful – Sunday Stills / My Sunday Photo / #477 – Weekend Reflections / Tryst – FOWC / Mug – RDP / Lunacy – WODC / Crimson Red – November Photo a Day

This past week I had driven by this building, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the splash of blue illuminating the window. At first thought, I believed it to be a pretty large fish tank. I made a post to go back the next day and take a better look.  I forgot. Until this morning, when I happened to be near the building again, and I saw that familiar blue glow filling the window. While I am fairly certain that it is not a fish tank, I do believe that it is a large wall mural of the clustered spires.  Regardless it was photo worthy, so I clicked a few.  The reflections are what I liked best from this viewpoint, which is why I featured this one.  You don’t realize that what is being caught is actually a very large window in the second floor of a commercial building.  I share that image below.  I also share an image of what might be the male companion to the female Cardinal I posted last night. That or perhaps he’s collecting dinner for a tryst with her later on. After all, he has that mug look on his face that sort of makes you think he’s mocking you.  Or this could just be pure lunacy as I create a story to fit in the rest of the prompt words? 😛

Today marks the start of Thanksgiving week. And while my family has always used the day to recognize what there is to be thankful for, I realize, especially with the kids gone, that when you are a kid growing up, or an adult with a family you are responsible for, there are many more things you take (or at least I did) for granted.  The things you are thankful for are much more meaningful and have deeper roots to them.  Something as simple as being thankful for your family’s health, well-being, and happiness contains much more substance.  The little things that would be passed off or dismissed suddenly are magnified exponentially and have greater affect. So much more appreciation to those little things both old, having everyone home for T-Day, and new, this amazing community of bloggers.  I guess there is some truth to the phrase older and wiser! Have a great start to your Thanksgiving week!

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