I Got A Ticket To Ride


Day 321 – November 17, 2018

Open Sesame – Lens-Artists / Ruling the Roost – Photo Challenge Weekly Prompts / Six Word Saturday / Impose – FOWC / Malarkey – WODC / Zip – RDP / Week 11 – Pull Up a Seat

You couldn’t tell by this photo, or any of the photos here, but this place is full of people.  With 10 theatre doors to choose from, there is a movie that suits almost everyones taste.  Surprisingly not one person, zip, is in line to pick up the popcorn, candy, steak or soda.  In fact, the lobby is eerily void of noise.  If I wasn’t there, and someone told me the parking lot was jam packed, and then sent me this picture, I would say they were full of malarkey. Then there are those parents who, did not want to impose on their kids “dates” and, chose to let them rule the roost while they wait for them to get out.  I came to catch the latest in the Harry Potter franchise.  My kids grew up with the young wizard so I had much invested in the series.  So to return to the story was bittersweet.  Gone are the days of midnight movie premiers, the book release parties and all night book readings. The capes, glasses, brooms, scars, wands, robes, scarves, and owls, are no more.  Tonight, well it was a 6pm showing (not sure if I could make it to 9:30pm, no snacks (heartburn issues), no costumes (those things are paper thin and that theatre is really cold), and no kids (they are gone). So I settled for the VIP seats, with the incredibly comfortable automatic recliner with the super spacious leg room, no kids kicking the back of your chair, and no heads in front of you blocking the screen.  It’s the first movie I have seen, at a theatre, in close to a year.  Considering that I will be able to catch it on iTunes in a month or two, at a much lower price, it’s not that difficult to talk myself out of going. But then again, it wasn’t nearly as bad of an experience as I thought it would be so, maybe I won’t wait as long for the next one. Have a great Sunday!

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Sobering Reminders

Because I forgot to post yesterday for calmkate’s Friday Foto Fun (and because I like them too 😉)

20 Replies to “I Got A Ticket To Ride”

  1. I think the kids have grown up enough to be flicking to see Harry and friends in Broadway! Can you believe the furor for the play? 2 nights for 2 people is $1200 for decent seats and they’re so sold out they’re lining up for the quarterly ticket auctions. Amazing!!

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    1. Yes I know. I have tickets for February. I’ve had them awhile now. It’s crazy when show like that are able to do that well for that long everyday 1500 seats open a night. It just boggles the mind to think there are that many people filling the seats day in day out paying that much.


  2. You got away with it nicely again!
    Looking forward to seeing this film but I’ll wait and will watch it at home.
    Love the bird too, very pretty, wonder if it’s the ruler of the roost?
    Thank you again for linking 🙂

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      1. Not always easy is it. I’ve just linked a re-blog of an old post that is full of animal tales, but is probably better suited to a word prompt, and not really anything to do with Ruling a roost either!

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  3. Glad u enjoyed the movie! With good home theaters and huge TV’s, nowadays we end up enjoying most films at home – literally lazing out! But it’s a great idea to watch some movies at the theater! Thanks for tagging my post 😃

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