Leave Me Alone

Day 316 – November 12, 2018

Character – VJ’s Weekly Challenge / Sultry – Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt / Mountains – Photo for the Week #17 / Remembrance – Pic and a Word #161 / Parody – FOWC / Quench – RDP / Castigation – WODC / Starts with an F – November Photo a Day

This was quite a task for today’s prompts.  By the time I got out to take some photos, the rain and the temps had fallen and daylight was starting to fade, fast.  So I tried to cover all the prompts with the photos above.  I went through Gettysburg on my way home today and what better way to honor Remembrance Day than a shot from one of the most well known battlefields.  With the chill in the air and gray skies building, the atmosphere set the perfect mood.  By the time I got home, rain was falling and leaves blanketed the roads and the trees on the mountain were thinning out as all signs of a sultry late summer/early fall are all but gone. The two leaf covered pics are looking back and front from the front of the house. I found the little character stocking up food supplies, quenching its thirst while castigating the cold trying to ward off winter.  My feeders have been seeing less and less visitors, and even though the numbers are falling off, the feeders will remain filled.  It is rather funny that I really never took much attention to birds and feeders, but now all I can say is that it is different.  I think I got all the prompts here except for “parody”, so Fandango, please forgive me! (That counts right? 😛😂) Wishing you all have a great Tuesday!

Here is my music response for the Manic Monday 3-Way prompt sultry.  Of course it would have been easy for me to go with At Last, but that is so iconic.  So I decided to go with one of my fave sultry musical theatre numbers.

3 of Many

Can You Feel It?

Amish Paradise

A Great Reminder

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