Do You See What I See?

Day 311- November 7, 2018

Delicate – Weekly Photo / Perspective – Weekly Prompts / Danger – FOWC / Holiday – RDP /

I am getting in pretty late tonight and as I have to get up in just a couple of hours to teach, I am going to keep this short. This weeks weekly prompt word, perspective, has so many different connotations. A friend of mine suggested that I consider reposting a photo I used two nights ago. And now I see why. So first of all the photo in question is this one. I have had many discussions regarding this photo and how we all see something that another doesn’t. Depending on how you look at it, when you look at it, where you look, what’s on your mind as you look, can influence what you see. Your perspective can easily be influenced or shaped and just because you see it doesn’t mean anyone else will. I think that is one of the reasons why I enjoy doing what I do. Because it forces me to look at so many things from different perspectives. And not just one definition of perspective but incorporating the others. Well that’s my perspective anyway. So my turkey vultures I happened upon today, look dangerous, well at least from my perspective. They were anything but delicate. But I’ll leave that up to you to decide! Happy Thursday all!

3 of Many will return tomorrow!

12 Replies to “Do You See What I See?”

  1. I’m not sure about your stats. I do know that I’m catching up on everyone’s posts, so it could be timing and random schedules. I do like your comments on perspective though! I’m reminded of a few articles that I read in the Scientific American about how men and women notice different things in their environment:
    To me, the birds look like they are in conspiratorial discussion among themselves trying to decide what to do next. 🙂

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    1. I loved those articles! Thank you for sharing! I also really appreciate the compliments. That means a lot. I am rather surprised I sounded coherent at all. I was fighting sleep the entire post 😳 Considering what kind of birds they are, that makes them a little more scary 😬 I guess it was just a slow week for reading. I am not worried/bothered, just concerned that something was not posting right!

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  2. I’m glad you liked the prompt. Yes I noticed you’d done that. It’s fun doing these isn’t it! I love the way we all interpret in such different ways. I’ve never done a word prompt without adding photos and I’ve never done a photo challenge without having lots to say! 🙂

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    1. I know the feeling. I think my post today has to be one of the shortest ones I have written in a while. I think when I find something that could use some interpreting, I tend to drone on, and vice versa!

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    1. Thank you! I am curious. This is the first time that numbers have dropped way off for like the last 4 days. I don’t really pay attention to stats, but this is a pretty deep dive and it makes me wonder if something isn’t working right with the site. Any ideas? I am wondering if it is just a slow week.

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      1. I wish I knew the answer.. May be it’s the festival season, or may be it’s gotta do something with the weather change/day-light saving! One can only wonder! In fact, even my stats are a little lower than usual! 😦

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  3. I’m glad you took up the prompt, and from my perspective it’s almost as though (first picture) one vulture is talking to the other. he could be saying “Come on mate get posing, there’s a bloke over there with a camera!” 😀

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    1. Right? I picked that photo especially because of that. I also was playing with the perspective of size and distance which is why I added a couple of photos. (And how could I not take it up? Aside from your request, perspective is an amazing prompt.) 😬

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