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Day 305 – November 1, 2018

– Photo A Week Challenge / Tantrum – FOWC / Loose – RDP / Roving – WODC / Favorite Color – November Photo A Day / Which Way Challenge 

Went to the store this afternoon, and while I was roving around the neighborhood, on my way out, I took advantage of some beautiful photo ops that were irresistible. Once back on track, I passed a boarding camp facility, tucked down in a valley, surrounded by mountains, forest and sits on the bank of a small lake. It has always been there, and I have known about it as long as I have lived here. It wasn’t another case of peek-a-boo. Just to clear that up.   As I drove to the store, I happened to notice the lake was peaking through the fall foliage.  The colors and the lake were working so well together that I decided to that on my way home I would stop and take some photos.  The colors of fall are amazing and I think the photo ops will be disappearing very quick as loose leaves detach and come floating down.  We are also expecting a pretty big rain event in the next couple of days that will, most likely, take a huge bite out of the scenery.  I stopped at the top of the entrance road which is at the top of a hill where I felt I had the best scenic view and took some photos.  As I was adjusting my position I looked down and found that I was being carefully watched.  Did you happen to see him in the featured photo?  I didn’t realize I actually caught him on camera before I actually spotted him.  I rattled off a couple of photos of him, which he didn’t seem to mind, as he was a little photogenic.  I have/had no idea which photo to feature for today’s post, so I basically closed my eyes and clicked. I couldn’t just scrap the other photos so I have also included some as I couldn’t just settle on one.  May your Friday finish the week on a positive note!

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      1. You’re welcome! Oh, my I didn’t see the link. I’ll have to check it in my laptop later as I’m using my mobile phone. Anyway, thank you so much!


    1. I was kind of startled, I caught him out of the corner of my eye and I thought that as soon as we made eye contact he would bolt, but he didn’t, thankfully! Thank you so much with the wonderful comment! ☺️💕

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