Oldies But Goodies


Day 303 – October 30, 2018

Slippery – Tuesday Photo Challenge Week 132 / Places People Live – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge / Reaper – Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt / Center – FOWC / Dead – RDP / Rivulet – WODC / Castle – October Photo a Day

I am taking a leap here.  One of the things that I find myself slipping on the most, especially in the fall, are fallen leaves.  Especially when they are covering the drive/walk way.  When leaves fall, especially in the rain, they end up lying on top of an already slick surface.  Once the rain ends, and the longer the leaves stay and don’t get blown away, the more slippery it becomes.  Especially on smoother surfaces. I am not sure if I am making excuses for myself, if it’s just me, or that my theory has merit.  I don’t really care as long as Frank from TPC let’s it slide (see what I did there 😬) Besides, I had to post that photo.  I really feel it captures “Autumn” beautifully.  Moving on to the photo below it, is a “large” (reaching here as well) Castle sized estate, which is so much larger than it appears. The tan building set back on the left, is an in-law suite but was once servants quarters.  It must have been redone when the addition went in. At least I think it was an addition, there is a definitive difference in the craftsmanship.  I could not fit it in the field, but near the wishing well is a rivulet.  It cuts through the yard and I am figuring divides the property line.  The driveway that you can just catch on the right, bends around the back into a 4 door garage.  I believe the space was once home to a bed and breakfast, and judging by the size of the lot, and the many serene views surrounding it, it would make sense.  The leaves are now really bursting with color. This is the time where getting out and driving around the area is such a mind, body and spirit enhancer. Which if you haven’t attended to personally, I highly encourage it through whatever it is you find peace.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!


My Response for Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt : Reaper

I am so glad that when I went out today, I was lucky enough to find my “reaper”. My song selection may be a little more accurate and one that takes us way back:

3 of Many

Under a Spell

Home Chef

Hide and Seek


One of my fellow bloggists commented that they hadn’t ever seen the northeast leaf peaking season.  On my way home today, I hooked the GoPro up to catch the drive through the sunroof of my truck.  It’s not the greatest as far as aesthetics, but it works.


13 Replies to “Oldies But Goodies”

        1. You should have just let me know. I would have sent you the link again. I’m glad you didn’t. I love my Go Pro. That was the first video I took with the new GoProBlack 7. I wanted to try out the new stability enhancement. I was very happy with the results. Thanks for giving me a reason to use it!

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          1. It’s okay. It gave me a reason last night to answer some messages that got lost. Then, I saw yours!

            Wow! So you got a new toy then. 😄 ”Toys for the big boys”

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