Peek -A- Boo

Day 302 – October 29, 2018

Veil – VJ’s Weekly Challenge #21 / Paths – Photo For The Week / Rugged – Pic And A Word #159 / Dingy – FOWC / Sublime – RDP / Repress – WODC /

Sometime something, that is so obvious you wonder how you could miss it, appears out of nowhere.  You drive on a trail, so frequently, that you know the houses you drive past without looking. The fences, the yards, the lawn decorations. You even know when the road has been resurfaced, or a new sign has gone up. Then one day, after 18 years of living in the area and driving that trail, you catch a glimpse of what must have been a house so sublime, that it had to be the envy of the neighborhood.  And it’s this house is anything but small.  This thing is huge.  Just study the photos.  All the windows, a second story, and what has to be, at least, a 200 foot stone fence. Repressed by trees, weeds, under and over growth, it is so well hidden through the longest days of the year. With Autumn, as leaves fall and brush dies off, the veil is removed and the mystery, to most, is revealed. Dingy and rugged, the skeletal remains of years gone past peer in between vines and its own decay.  Foot paths wind their way to what must have been the main entrance. The tangled barbs on weeds gone wild, warn those who seek shelter, and advise that they are not welcome. And yet, as big as it is, and how obvious that it has been there a long time, the biggest mystery lies in the question, “how the hell have you not seen it until now?” Hope you are planning on a great Tuesday!

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16 Replies to “Peek -A- Boo”

    1. I think it would have been one heck of a place to do a haunted house. Of course judging by the exterior, not so certain the interior would be able to support anyone 👻 Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment. It means a lot!

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    1. You are a 💎 😘
      I would have to say yes. I’ve seen the corner of stones but I never thought much of it. I’m thinking I’ve had to have seen it but I really didn’t think much of it or look at it with a photographers eye. I don’t know. I just know that I really felt like I was losing it. Which I may be!


  1. Seems like it is big enough to be seen, yet, can be out of sight, and unseen, but looking at the magnitude of its structure it is obviously there and can be clearly seen…or unseen…whichever …perfect post for this prompt, I enjoyed it.

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