Blow Out


Day 301 – October 28, 2018

Orange – Sunday Stills / Golden – One Word Sunday / Autumn Colors – #MySundayPhoto / Prioritize – FOWC / Home – RDP / Angst – WODC / Pumpkins – October Photo a Day Challenge

Is it just me or is there a common theme in the prompts and challenges recently? I don’t me to come off angsty, but nothing goes together better than pumpkin spice and fall colors (please don’t take that seriously, I rather have a deep fondness for those exact same things). This morning, as I was enjoying a cup of coffee I happened to notice a bit of a chill isolated on an area just below the zipper of my jeans.  Upon inspection, it seems that, well the seam, was worn down, started to fray, and a sizable hole was in the mid stages of development.  Two thoughts immediately came to mind. One, how long had said hole been there, because based on the size, it wasn’t just today. And two, how many noticed and didn’t say anything?  My students definitely didn’t and, having been a student myself, I wouldn’t say anything either.  Kind of creepy when you think that by telling someone something like that, you are admitting you were looking in that general area, so it is probably best to let it go.  Much like noticing a fly being down. I just got off track, sorry. So I figured I probably should go pick up a couple of new pairs of jeans, which leads me to the photo.  I hadn’t been to this part of Gettysburg in a while, but this area happened to be a patch where the gorgeous colors of fall stood out. This is what I am waiting for.  This is home in the fall.  I would have preferred to hike the wooded trails rather than shop for jeans.  But the situation being what it was, and where it was, I thought that I should probably prioritize and take care of the immediate concern.  Mission accomplished!  You have one chance at this Monday, make it the best you can!

3 of Many

A Second Home

Follow the Yellow Tree-Lined Road

Waste Not – Want Not

22 Replies to “Blow Out”

    1. Thank you for hosting! I’ve been doing in for a while now but I always seem to miss the cutoff time, so I just end up hash tagging it. But I really appreciate the time you took to have a look and leave the compliment!


    1. That’s upsetting. I could do some video? 😬 it is worth it though. If you could catch it at the right time.
      I am glad I could help! 😉 It wasn’t really funny to me until I wrote it out. And even then 😂💕

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          1. I did a little time lapse video of my drive home (with the colors) for you 😊 I need to edit a little then look for it, Ill link it to you! 😁! (I experimented with a camera setting, so it was really no big deal!)

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