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Day 300 – October 27, 2018

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Everything except for autumnal yellows, which is in the second photo.  Seriously, I think I got them all, pretty much without having to explain or to add them in the story.  If it sounds like I am gloating, its because I AM! 😛😂 I’ll just fill in the blanks.  It was a pretty rainy morning today as we had some semblance of a Nor’Easter come through last night through this morning. Instead of being home tied, I took a trip to Lowes (a “do it yourself” home and garden store) today.  Going to Lowes for me, not good. You can say it  is like going to a toy store on Christmas, except every day is Christmas when it comes to Lowes. I might need one small things but that is not what I am coming back with. In fact, ironically, the store has been selling holiday decorations for about 3 weeks now.  Ridiculous.  Halloween isn’t even here and everything halloween is going on clearance.  In any case, when I got to Lowes, I knew I had my photo for today.  The last of the halloween inflatables were on display out side the store, and if you look to the left you can see one that is weighed down, drenched, by the rain. I really thought the reflection of it against the cement walk was a neat touch. The photo below is looking at the two different ways one could choose to get to my house.  They are both, pretty much, equal in distance. It is just a matter of preference.  To the left is a deceptively steep incline followed by a steeper decline. To the right is a pretty good dip, followed by a pretty sharp turn to the left, into another incline.  While I said the distance is about the same, the time is evened out by a stop you have to make if you take the one on the left.  Follow me?  In any case, the wind didn’t do too much damage to the foliage, so the emerging colors can continue to peak. Here is to the best Sunday you can have!


I am overwhelmed with gratitude by the number of you who have already added your scene to the Pilot of Friday Follies. I have had some pretty hardy laughs already and it has only been a day. I am even more appreciative to those who have stopped in to catch a teaser as well as those of you who have posted about it. It is a wonderful thing.  Drop in and see what it’s all about HERE!

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11 Replies to “They Call It The Monster Mash”

  1. Thanks for linking to my post 😀

    I get what you are saying about the decorations! There were Christmas Decorations in Walmart over a week ago!! My brother (who is 12) is absolutely livid because Halloween is his favorite Holiday and he feels like the are disrespecting Halloween. While I agree with him its still funny to watch him get all worked up about it ❤

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    1. My pleasure! 😃Thanks for writing a great post! I understand his grievance. I went to look for a costume piece today, and it was ALL gone. Not even stuffed on two shelves, but gone. 🤬

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  2. I agree. I went to the grocery store last night and they had already put all their Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff on clearance and had brought out all the Christmas stuff in its place! TOO EARLY!!!!

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    1. Yep. I am not going to argue with having the stuff on clearance already, but it’s the principle. And it just appears as though the selections of items are so much less in recent memory. I remember walking through Wal-mart and there being 4 complete aisles of Halloween goods. Now It is maybe 1 and a ½. Just Sad.

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      1. I’m afraid Walmart is moving more towards selling online and trying to compete with Amazon. That’s what I’m being told anyway. Our Walmart has started closing and isn’t even open 24/7.

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  3. We aren’t seeing any change in the colors of the trees just yet. It stayed hot for so long and then seemed to go from summer to winter. We just had our first frost a couple of nights ago so I guess the leaves will start changing soon.

    I agree with your observation. All the stores get rid of Halloween stuff too soon. Christmas comes earlier each year!


    1. I think we must be in the same region. There are patches of beautiful colors, and then areas where they still haven’t. And the weather is/has been exactly as you described. I absolutely cannot stand when stores do that. Even the smaller Dollar General type stores. Fall decoration stuff was gone at least 2 weeks ago. It is frustrating, especially when you need to get stuff for Thanksgiving, which I don’t think about until a week or so before TDay.

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