On the Beaten Track


Day 299 – October 26, 2018

Down a Random Road – Weekly Photo Challenge / Toxic – FOWC / Slide – RDP / Impressionable – WODC /  Tongues and Tails – Cee’s Black & White Challenge / The Weekend in Black & White  Photo for the BW and other Challenges below

I was more than happy to head out today after I saw Jenn’s challenge over at Traveling At Wits End. Up here, you can be on a random road, randomly, without even knowing.  The roads with “Dead End” or “No Outlet” at the head of them, are usually ones that hold the real treasures at the end.  Like the one I purposely turned on randomly today. Or is it randomly turned on purposely?  You know what I am trying to say.  The shot of the tree lined road below is the random road I decided to venture down.  Let’s just say, I knew I was up on a mountain, but the two photos next to the road, are views from the backyards of two homes on the road.  In fact, you can see the corner of a deck on the upper photo. I have to go back and take some photos of the houses that dot the area up there. They are somewhere between old estate type homes and haunted mansion looking things.  Quite the impressionable sight. But as I worked my way, purposely, out of the random road and back down the mountain, I ventured down another random street, and when I came around one of the bends of the serpentine road, I was rather surprised to see the above waterfall, which, would it have not been lined with stone, would have made for a great water slide.  The picture above makes it appear a lot smaller than it really is, the photo below has a better perspective of the size.  There are a couple of stone quarries that are tucked away in the mountains here. At night, you can see the bright lights illuminate the sites. You can catch a glimpse of the conveyor belt from this quarry at the top of the waterfall. I suspect that they relocated their excavation area to this side of the site and built this runoff in order to help drain the excess accumulating water.  You can see that the water has a mile look to it, so assuming it’s not toxic, it could just be the run off from what they use to keep the dust I have driven this road, purposely, a number of times prior so it had to have been built sometime in last 6 months.  The black and white photo was taken today as the girls were  playing in the yard. They, well Anastasia, had just raced after a squirrel while Grace helped by tracking through scent. Talk about tongue and tails! Here’s to a having a great Saturday!


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If you haven’t checked out the Pilot of Friday Follies, take a look. Don’t feel obligated to participate. If you happen to have something already, add it. But don’t make a special trip to find something each week. You could be a one hit wonder, or add randomly here and there, or just visit to see what others have found, there is absolutely no pressure! 

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    1. It’s a gorgeous time of year! don’t know if you saw, and I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed a phrase you coined, for the new challenge, as a thanks for your help!😊💕


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