Shoot For The Moon


Day 288 – October 15, 2018

Distance – VJ’s Weekly Challenge / Witch, Witchy, Bewitched – Manic Monday’s 3 Way Prompt / Columns – Photo For The Week / Draw – FOWC / Blast -RDP / Conceit – WODC / Autumn Colors – October Photo A Day Challenge

Woke up to wet and cold weather, which held strong all day.  In fact, there is a frost warning for this week and the potential for snow in the western part of the state this weekend. Sometime really soon, not to sound conceited, I will have to draw the line and admit that I may be a little bewitched when you consider how this weather trend has followed me every where I have been this entire month and beyond. Regardless of the weather, everything seems to be falling back to order.  And when the weather is bringing you down, it’s time to look for sights to brighten the day.  And what better way to combat the cold wet rain, then a fountain, shooting like a geyser straight up, only to be lit from below.  It made me feel better, and even still when I look at the photo, a feeling of warmth comes over me.  I am thinking that it probably has more to do with the incredibly comfortable fleece blanket that I am wrapped up in, than the photo, truth be told. Here is to a great start to your week.  Have a great Tuesday.  Stay safe.

This is my song choice for the MM3W prompt “witch, witches, bewitched”. I think I could really choose many of this groups songs, as most of their music has a haunting feel to it.  But this one doesn’t come any closer.

3 of Many

Take Me Back

Waiting On This

Hard Habit To Break

48 Replies to “Shoot For The Moon”

  1. Interesting conversation on distance, moving about and chemo brain. I know all about chemo brain. But now that I am way beyond your tender age of 58 I am just happy to have a brain.

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          1. I try going to bed later but it doesn’t work. The clocks fall back an hour in a couple of weeks when British summer time officially ends… that should be fun!

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          2. I am so with you there. That always messes things up for me. Even being in Dallas the last week and an hour earlier started to mess with me. I mean it’s only just now going on 1. But I have already pretty much adjusted back. But still those time changes, especially the Fall Back really messes things up.

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          3. You missed it because you follow Weekly Prompts, the site I share with G.C. who is based in Canada. It was set up especially for the prompts so not much personal stuff on there. My own site has more personal touch, kind of like yours. 🙂

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          4. If you enjoy history it’s the place to be. My medieval heritage still fascinates me, perhaps because I took it for granted for far too long. Since blogging, I explore and delve more.

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          5. Really is fascinating. My brother is really into it. He has traced our tree back to the Mayflower where he found a descendent whose name is on the manifest. But also so many other crazy lines. He has put so much time and energy into it and I am glad he is and continues. The web is incredible. The DNA test was simple. Just hard waiting for results. But fascinating when they come back. And as they get more and more built in they update your profile so I have gone from 8% scottish Irish, etc I’m now 29% Irish Scottish. So it’s not like they just stop after one time and just for the money. They continue to refine and readjust.

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          1. We are under the first freeze warning of the year! I remember when I first left Texas and moved to Arkansas ’92. For several years, the first cold snap always happened halloween night! All the kids would walk from house to house in their costumes but return with cold noses, seeking hot cocoa. In Oklahoma, I prayed for the cold yet it always seemed to tarry, almost like being in Texas. This is new, being so cold so soon. The Oklahoma heat makes me grateful for Missouri’s cold.😊

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          2. That’s really kind of crazy. I moved from Maryland to NM in 90 and then in 93 decided to just drop everything and choose to go out west or come back east. I lived in California before moving to MD so I had choices. I missed the fall season so I came back east. There is something about the crispness of the air in the fall here (northeast) that you can’t find anywhere else really. I mean Colorado and the mountains around there are pretty amazing and come in at a close second.
            So where are you now? For some reason I had thought you went North. Maybe I missed it in one of your posts.


          3. We bought a lake front home at The Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri. It’s another new place for me but that’s ok. I’m naturally nomadic….a wanderer. If I could talk Mr into it, I’d sell everything and just travel where the wind blew me until age or health forced me to take root.

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          4. That’s what my parents are doing. Their coach is their home on wheels and they travel like flight attendants. Rarely home in Texas for more than 2 weeks. And if I had a home on wheels like theirs, I would prob never be in my parked home. 😬 someday.

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    1. For me, where the water is shot from to its apex covered the distance prompt. Less obvious was the people walking past the fountain, in the distance and perhaps a bit more obscure was how I would cover
      the distance I was from the fountain itself. I actually had written something like “even though I was some distance from the fountain itself, I still walked away soaked, so it was a win-win situation (sarcastically, of course)” but I edited it out. I didn’t want to describe them in the post, but maybe I should have kept it in or commented on the couple?

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        1. 😂 Sometimes, like today, I go out with your word in my head and just shoot anything that I think would cover it. Then when I get home and go through them, I often forget how I was incorporating the word and don’t describe to well. I think that maybe a side effect of my recent celebrating a half century of living. 😛💕

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          1. Half a century! Oh you are a young. Congrats. It’s my decade older brain that trips me up, not to mention the damage of inflammation on the brain. Some days I am just downright clueless.

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          2. Nope. Laugh it up. That’s all I got! It does confuse people when I start laughing when I forgot where my keys are 2 seconds after I put them down. It’s good to know I’m not the only one wrapped up like a mummy!

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