Show Some Spirit


Day 287 – October 14, 2018

Texture – Sunday Stills / Blue – One Word Sunday /  Pastel – Pix to Words #157 / #MySundayPhoto / Shelter – FOWC / Ring -RDP / Ricochet – WODC / Grapes – October Daily Photo Challenge / Week 6 – Pull Up a SeatThe Weekend in Black & White / Things Made Out of Plastic – Cee’s Black & White (BELOW)

Getting back on routine.  Not as easy when you have a show less than 24 hours after landing.  But as I mentioned, a small role so not much to sweat about.  Still I have been able to unwind a bit today, going to the traditional Sunday breakfast, running to the grocery and picking up essentials, and not worrying about one kid, talk about savings! Watching some football and ending with the show.  Nice thing about the show is that it gave me a chance to look for today’s post.  It helped that I was able to prep the post earlier (going through all prompts and challenges and creating the pingbacks, below the day # and date) so I had an idea what to look for.  The response for the black and white photo was actually taken yesterday, but I took it knowing I was going to use it today.  It was, honestly, taken as a b&w photo, and at least when I saw it initially, I really liked it.  But I had so many plane photos yesterday that I didn’t want it to get lost in the others.  Made out of plastic you ask?  As I was shooting the other photos the feel of the window on the inside of the plane feels like plastic.  Now it may not be made out of it, I actually think its plexiglass, or acrylic or some other off spring, but to me it feels like it so it is.  Moving on.  The building above is called the Schifferstadt Building.  It is named after the city of Frederick’s sister city Schifferstadt in Germany.  It is a museum and contains some  interesting history, but, it also is home to the city’s festival to ring in the fall, a good old fashioned Oktoberfest. As with all things associated with history and wars and such, stories of hauntings fill those walls.  Which is probably one of the reasons I stopped when I saw that single light glowing in the upper floor.  I have never seen that on, and I have driven past the building too many times to count.  The building is uninhabited, except for tours, and there were no tours after 2pm today.  There were no signs of people hanging around anywhere, so it intrigued me.  I thought maybe if I looked closer at the lit window, I may see something, ghostly.  But not only that, I realized that it answered all of the challenges and prompts as well, even grapes which are growing in the garden off to the right and in back.  That and ricochet, but that’s covered by the ghosts in the window bouncing off and through the walls.  Don’t forget to duck! Hope you hav e a great start to the week. Stay safe


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13 Replies to “Show Some Spirit”

    1. Thank you! I wanted to definitely keep the wing as a reference point, but I was focusing on trying to get the best contrast I could with the clouds and the multiple layers of light.

      I have been worried that you kept meaning me as one of the multiple pictures sites, when you put the disclaimer above the Linky section. So I am sorry that I add it to my daily post which has another photo or two. I can send them separately, if you would prefer!


        1. Truth (but not yet) That still really bothers me that they skip right over Halloween and Thanksgiving. I just don’t get it. And then everyone has the same look on their faces and no one wants to be the “first” to buy Christmas stuff. I just would love to see sale numbers to justify the need to start so early. Amusing and sad at the same time. 😕🙄😳🙂


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